How can I prevent excessive underarm odor and sweating?

I am still a teenager but it's still very embarassing. I have even updated it almost every hour but still the same happens. Even deodorants is no use at all. Please recommend some that can be found in the Philippines. THANK YOU ALL:)

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    I had the same problem. I had what is called a bilateral skoog operation. Basically they lifted the skin under my armpits and removed 75% of the sweat glands. It reduced the problem by about half and was definitely not worth it. There are treatments you can get from the chemist high in the ingredient in normal underarm antiperspirant's that are more effective. Try your chemist, or drug store whatever its called there.

  • Many times, people who suffer from excess sweating are actually suffering BECAUSE of the overuse of deodorants / antiperspirants.

    Why? Well, when you spray deodorants (and this is even more true for antiperspirants) under your arms (and anywhere else), what you are doing is clogging up the sweat ducts, to reduce the flow of sweat. Hence, less sweating - initially.

    Of course, your body NEEDS to sweat, because this is an important mechanism for controlling body heat, expelling toxins etc. So, when you block the ducts, you stop these essential processes. The body's response is therefore to INCREASE the amount of sweat produced in an effort to unblock the pores - exactly the OPPOSITE of what you wanted.

    It is far more effective to use natural crystal-based deodorants that do NOT block the pores or reduce sweating, but prevent the growth of the bacteria that cause the odour commonly known as BO. In many cases, this allows the body to REDUCE the amount of sweat produced, as the pores stabilize and overproduction of sweat is gradually eliminated.

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    This is the same technique I have taught over 138,000 men and women in 157 countries to successfully treat their excessive sweating condition over the past 7 years!

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    There is a prescription called Drysol that works great. Also, an OTC option is Certain Dry, which is pretty good as well. Both are applied before bed - and never after you shave your underarms - it'll hurt!

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    do no longer choose for deodorants to help your extreme sweating. choose for anti-perspirants. in basic terms anti-perspirants and not anti-perspirant deodorant. one good anti-perspirant that has helped help my extreme underarm sweating could be Dove unique anti-perspirant. it incredibly is alcohol-unfastened and includes moisturizing milk to enhance the seem and experience of your underarms. =) be optimistic to word anti-perspirant before you pass to mattress and in the morning. all the main suitable to you!

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    ~There is a Philippines link at the bottom of the page, click on that and ask them.~

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