knee surgery four yrs ago and still suffing pain, it is work related but having problems with

have gone threw pain clinci but had to stop they are not paying what if anything could i do for this pain driving me over the edge thank you. i do have a lawyer but seems things are still not moving

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sorry to hear about your trouble . Man i went 10 years playing games with workers comp and let me tell you even after you settle you will still get screwed .

    as for your Lawyer for workers comp they have less teeth than a 1 year old baby . If you live close to Canada you can buy some codiene over the counter to try to keep it under control .

    God i HATE workers comp you my freind are playing the starve them back to work game they feel who cares if the person is really hurt just get them back to work and then the first time they punch in we can say that they are healed and it not our problem .

    Funny thing i've been retired for 6 years now got paied off in 2000 and guess what i still need surgery just like i did when they claimed i was fine

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