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I own a 1991 Caprice with a 5.0 engine and I need to know the exact location of the knock sensor. Is it on the block? and if so where??? I need to check the conector to see if its clean and conected to the system Thanks!!!!

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    It is screwed into the center of the block on the lower right side of the motor. Lift car and inspect between the starter and the motor mount. It is screwed into the coolant drain port for the right side of the block. Usually the knock sensor connector is a white color. If you are going to change this, be quick as the coolant rushes out of this drain hole and never attempt this when the motor is hot as you will absolutely scald yourself. If you are having an intermittent problem here, I would suggest replacing both the sensor and the pigtail connector. Experience tells me that the sensor and connection become intermittent with each other due to the constant vibration of the motor. Also do not overtighten the knock sensor into the block as this distorts the sensor which will render it inoperative again. Good luck!!

    Source(s): I was a GM mechanic for years.
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    Under the hood, passenger side, lower engine area, front

    of starter, mounted in engine block

  • 1 decade ago

    Right side of block just in front of starter solenoid.

    Source(s): www.autozone.com
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    WOW!...both previous answers are correct, I might add that when you unscrew that thing, prepare for a bath of coolant.

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