How do you know if someone that you me on line likes you?

I have been chatting thru email for about 10 days and seems like this guy wants to chat and may like me as his emails are wonderful.I got 8 in 1 day and then none the next day.when I dont hear from him,it makes me feel that he isnt taking time to email or call me? I sometime feel that I should wait and see how long before he takes the first steps but at the same time,I am wanting to call and email him.what should I do?

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    Don't wait! If you are waiting on a computer, what will you put up with in a real relationship!?!

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    First of all as a mom I always get concerned about someone who is talking with someone online about a relationship. If you are a younger person say under the age of 18 I would hope you are letting someone like a friend or family member know that you are speaking with someone with a romantic interest online. Just for your safety. If you are older and you have been chatting and want to know if this person is interested, start speaking on the phone. Find out how much information he is willing to give you. You didnt say how far away the two of you are from each other. The unfortunate thing online is that we can be who we want to be and we never know the real truth of someone until we meet them face to face and that can be very scary. Come right out and ask him what he is interested in gaining from this back and forth thing. He may be honest and tell you. However go with your gut. If you feel like its not working then just go about your business try a different approach to meeting someone. Good luck

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    Sometimes I think it's pretty much impossible to tell if someone you meet online likes you or not, unless there are any obvious implications. (i.e. them asking for your number or telling you they like you.)

    Do you know him through a friend of a friend? Or is he just some random?

    Because if he is you should be really careful.

    If you do know him through a friend of a friend or a 100% sure he isn't some sicko paedophile, maybe you should tell him that you'd like to meet up and see a movie or something.

    Become friends with him OFFLINE before you are sure you like him. That way your relationship will grow as friends and you two can decide if you wanna take it any further....

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    building a relationship on the internet is a very dicy game. first n foremost u have no idea who is on the other side...n more often than not..people LIE. so be careful. moreover,most guys on the internet are lookin for girls to play with. so if u like someone..make sure u find out all u can about them...and very very careful incase u decide to meet them. good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    Move on! The writer of the emails that he sent you is out of town!

  • Louy
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    1 decade ago

    dont build much hopes on these emails, anyway he might be busy to write back...start thinking where will these emails take you to.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like you, do you like me?

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