What size does a girl have to be to look good in a bikini?

In your opinion, at what point (in terms of UK dress size) does a girl/woman stop looking good in a bikini?

And don't tell me everybody looks beautiful in a bikini, or anyone with confidence can look great - This is a serious question, stop fobbing me off with diplomatic nonsense, xD

Your opinion, please?

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    As long as you don't have tons of fat rolls, bad cellulite and varicose veins, just about anyone can look good in a bikini.

    As long as she wears it with confidence. I think any girl up to size 12 can feel confident in a bikini, as long as she's well proportioned and wears the right design top for her breast-size. Some girls are more petite, while others have a larger frame, it is not exactly the size that matters, but getting a style to suit.

    You may not be your ideal size, but a bit of toning to make you look smoother, and having great skin that is exfoliated and radiant, will make you look great in a bikini.

    I'm a size 6 but don't have great thighs. Makes me feel more confident to wear a little skin-type wrap around my thighs, but I still wear a bikini. And likewise my size 10 and 12 friends feel as good about themselves in theirs.

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    5 years ago

    Bra size does not matter, and apart from body size it also depends on shape. Personally a size 12 (UK size= 8 us) is just on the OK side. Just. I never wear bikini as I'm a flabby size 12.

  • Tho I dont know UK sizes, I think a friend told me that the 6 there is like a US 8. But sizes aside, a lot has to do with body structure and bone size, the style you choose and how comfortabe you are in the suit. Ive seen some "bigger" women in bikinis who looked fine, and Ive seen some super skinny women look horrible in a bikini. Im 5ft 9 or so, weight about 140 and I looked horrible in a bikini when I was thinner....So, dont let strangers tell you how to dress or what look to be confortable with. Just be yourself and whatever works for you should be fine. Some people just buy into the thinner is better philosphy that advertising has lead many to believe to be true when it is not always true.

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    1 decade ago

    Any size, as long as you have shape. You can have a woman who is a UK size 14-16 (US size 10-12) with a full bust and large hips, but still has a slender waist and flat stomach. She is going to look way better than a UK size 4-6 (US size 0-2) with no chest and no hips. Plus there are all different style of bikinis out there for all shapes and sizes. HTH : )

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    1 decade ago

    Bikini? oh OK size 6. No more trust me. I am size 6, I've also been a size 8 and i look better now then i did bigger, Bikini's aren't very forgiving. Therefor to look good your body has to be near perfect. And no not everyone looks good in a bikini, that's total rubbish I agree with you there. The fact is, if you haven't got the body for a bikini then don't wear it, and for those of you other chicks out there who read my comments and shriek in horror, this isn't personal, I a sure you look good in other clothes and I am sure your a nice person, but size 10 plus chicks should NEVER wear a bikini, there really should be laws against it. Its obscene

    Added later...ok ok maybe size 10 plus was a little mean, that's say size 12 plus chicks should not wear a bikini, and I am talking about UK sizes, a note to th asker, look you asked for everyone's opinion, don't get your panties in a twist when its not a response you like. And before anyone else emails me and tells me I need mental help etc. Please note I am a trained Registered Nurse and size UK 6 (US 2) is NOT unhealthy unless you have used an unhealthy diet to get to that weight, please also do not accuse me of being a Vic Beckham wannabe, shes like a size 4 or less. That's a whole other different league, its call anorexia. Oh this is going to sound so arogent but, for all those of you who think I look like a stick insect, i bet I get asked out more then you! I rest my case. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! XX

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    There are no absolute rules on what is, after all, a matter of opinion, but generally bikinis look bad if

    * you're any way flabby

    * you've got heavy musclature

    * you've got no body fat at all and your angular and boney.

    so they're usually best on smaller girls.

    If you're bigger than an A cup, though, be careful unless your breasts don't sag at all. A bikini is NOT the best form of support and sagging breasts don't look good.

  • 1 decade ago

    I dont think there is a particular size

    some very small people look terrible in bikinis eg Victoria beckham...Nicole ritchie.... just as large people do too...I think that people who wear bikinis really need to take a good look at themsleves before they go out in public and ask...do I look good...Alot of people look better in a one peice or a tankini. ALot of the younger girls have muffin tops and a bikini does nothing for them. Its not flattering...Men place too much emphasis on girls wearing bikinis...its about wearing what suits you.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's got to do with tone.

    And also, it's not necessarily size, but your BMI.

    I'm sure if you google BMI index, you will find the calculator.

    Because everyone is different.

    But it's definately more about tone.

    It's hard for anyone to pull of a bikini.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    theres not a particular size thats important, i think if you are in some shape and are toned you should look fine. not too skinny and not obese.

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