Hair near nose & cheeks.Do i cut them or pluck them so they don't get dense or effect skin.?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's difficult to picture whether you are talking about brows, lip hair, or other hair that's apparently growing where it shouldn't. As Annette pointed out, a visit to a cosmetologist may help if it's only an appearance issue. Maybe your hair stylist could suggest what to do. If it looks like something more serious they will recommend that you visit your family doctor or dermatologist to determine if it needs medical attention.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You've done well to pick up on the fact that there's a tremendous danger -- not often appreciated -- that almost all methods of removing hair wil affect the skin around it, often permanently.

    You can very easily end up worse off than if you'd done nothing.

    Plucking can very definitely make a mess of the skin and can even stimulate a dormant hair follicle to bring it into the growing phase.

    The only method of removing hair which does not pose any danger to the skin is cutting -- which of course includes shaving.

    In our culture, I suggest you ask yourself carefully whether you really feel you absolutely MUST do something about it. If you don't reckon it's essential, then do nothing. If you reckon it's essential, I strongly suggest that you cut or shave it.

    Japanese women have for generations shaved as a matter of coarse as a means of getting a smooth hair-free skin and exfoliating at the same time.

    I would suggest, however, that it would be a lot more convenient to get a good-quality men's electric razor like a Norelco (Philishave outside the US) which would be by far the easiest way of doing it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you pluck or cut I suspect you'll do yourself more harm than good, I would definitely see your cosmetologist at the local day spa and get a waxing with facial...or See a dermatologist.

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