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Do Hair Extensions Really Damage Your Hair?? If so how do they do the damage? Iam thinking of getting them?

Only until my own hair has grown

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    it depends on which kind you get and how they are applyed,,, the worst is glueing them to your scalp! it is messsy takeing them off and can pull out hair. weaving is good for about 4 -6 weeks ,,you should pay only 100-200 for this ,,fusion is the best ,,cost from 400- to 1,000 the best look great and last 4 -6 months, if you are not sure ,,check out several stylist and ask someone who has got them before you get them!

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    It depends on how tight your hair is braided, how much hair is added to your hair and what type of style you are getting. If your hair is braided too tight then it will eventually break some of it towards the root. If you have too much hair added then the weight could pop some of your hair off. If you have a style where you have to always pull it up or back then it will result in breaking. But if your hair is moisturized correctly and not braided extremely tight then you should be okay. You hair naturally breaks off 1/2 inch a month. I hope this helps

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    not if it is sewn or braided but glue may, how do you plan on getting the extensions put in, and what type of hair do you have ? I need more details.

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