thanks for all your answers but if he is so interested in my body?

I cant understand then why he doesnt call me. If he is so interested in my body what keeps him from calling?? Hopefully some of you guys might have an idea. His reason is because he doent want to interupt my life because the couple of times i have dated him other men called me. Would that be enough to turn a guy off enough not to call

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    He might think with other guys calling you are already involved with someone else. So he does not want to interfere with your life.

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    Well -- you weren't too specific but I can tell you that if I was well up into something wet and warm and an old beau called and the object of my focus dispensed with him quickly and got back to the business at hand -- it would not bother me at all. In fact - I would feel like the man. So I guess it sort of requires more information but if you are doing a man then a quick call from the old one shouldn't be a problem. Now if you ain't doing the new guy then --yeah - what's up with all these old guys calling?

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    i was the guy in a situation like yours. i was interested in her but she had other guys calling her. i gave up because I felt like I was the odd person there, the 5th wheel, so to speak. by the time she got around to letting me know that she was also interested, i found another girl (who later became my wife of 20 years). I'm much happier with the woman I have

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    may be

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