What happens when you get your tubes tied?

My doctor is planning on tieing my tubes after I have my second son Jan 2nd. He said, If I didn't get my tubes tied that my uterus would rupture and kill the baby and I next time I try and get pregnant. So I thought it best for my sons and I if I do that. What happens in this process and will anything change after that? I am only 22 I feel so young to have something done like this, but I don't wanna risk dieing and not seeing my 2 boys grow up.

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    First, if this isn't what you want, get a second opinion! Make sure it's a completely different doctor too. You don't want your second opinon to come form a doctor what works closely with yours. If all else fails see someone in another town!

    I'm 24, and I had my tubes tied by choice last year, but I have four children. My doctor was a bit reluctant, but did it for me because of the number of children I have. I weighed my decision very carefully and I'm still happy with it. I had to have a c-section, because I was having twins, and the presenting twin was breech. It was all done at the same time. If you don't have a c-section they're more than likely preform a laparoscopy. It's microscopic surgery, so they won't be cutting you open. If you're interested on reading up on the procedure, I've listed a couple links below. As for side effects, I haven't really witnessed any. My periods are a bit heavier, but nothing too bad. I can't bare witness to any excess pain. My first two were born naturally, and I believe my pain this past time was caused from the c-section. My mother had her's done, after a natural birth, and it didn't hurt her too bad. She was sore for a day or two afterwards, but nothing major.

    In the end, follow your heart. There's still a slim chance that you could get pregnant after a tubal ligation. 1 in 600 as it was explained to me. If you're not okay with the idea of a tubal ligation, ask about other forms of birthcontrol. You might consider Depo Provera, something you only have to worry about 4 times a year. Maybe an IUD? They provide protection for 5 to 10 years. You never know what science will come up with in a couple years. If you're not ready to be DONE done, then don't. You're still young, your doctor shouldn't make you do something so permenant, if it's not what you want. Point blank, do NOT do it, if it's not want you want. There are too many other ways to prevent pregnancy.

    Best of Luck!

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    In laparoscopic sterilization, the patient’s abdomen is inflated with gas (carbon dioxide), which helps the surgeon locate the fallopian tubes. A small incision is made below the navel, and a laparoscope is inserted into the abdomen. Instruments are inserted into the same incision or a separate incision and the tubes are either cut and tied, cauterized (use of heat to form an electric current to fuse the tubes) or closed with plastic clips or rings. In some cases, a small piece of each tube is removed. The procedure is often performed on an outpatient basis.

    Also there is a new procedure called The Essure procedure it is the most recent sterilization technique to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In this procedure, a catheter is used to introduce a soft, flexible metallic micro–insert through the vagina and into each fallopian tube. Within three months, scar tissue forms around the micro–insert and blocks off the fallopian tube. The entire procedure can be completed within 35 minutes and does not require any incisions.

    I hope all gos well. Be happy that you have two wonderful boys to love.

    You shouldn't see changes from having this done. You just won't be able to get pregnant.

    Have a good New Year!

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    You don't have to get your tubes tied to prevent preganancy. You could just use some birth conrtol such as condoms, sponges, IUD, pills, shots, patches, foams, vaginal inserts, etc, etc. There are TONS of birth control out there, and you should not be FORCED to have your tubes tied. Your doctor sounds like a jackass.

    A tubal ligation is a painful proceedure and it hurts. Also it could make your periods hurt worse. Also it cuts through nerves and you could lose some sensation in your lower abdoman, and sex might not feel as wonderful. Think about it before you go through the SURGERY. Think about other forms of birth control.

    Also you could ask your husband to get a vasectomy. It's easier for a man to get a vasectomy than it is for a woman to get her tubes tied.

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    What happens when you get your tubes tied?

    My doctor is planning on tieing my tubes after I have my second son Jan 2nd. He said, If I didn't get my tubes tied that my uterus would rupture and kill the baby and I next time I try and get pregnant. So I thought it best for my sons and I if I do that. What happens in this process and will...

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    I personally would get more opinions ( more than two) this is hard and imagine if your doctor got it wrong and it couldn't be reversed!?! I am also 22 and a mother of two beautiful boys and i would be devastated if a Dr told me this and i sure as hell would make sure they were right!! So just wait until you are healed and get a second opinion. All the best with your newborn and delivery in a few days and hope you have wonderful new year with your family.

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    Thats awsome your haveing a baby but at your age getting you tubes tided is a big deal cause you wont be able to have anymore babies. It the equvalent of a vecectimy for a man

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    no doubt it hurts, but it's the surest way of preventing another pregnancy. i don't know what side effects it will have though. congrats on your pregnancy! may you have a lovely baby boy (:

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    get second opinion

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