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saddam's execution?

the footage of his execution cuts of before it shows him actually being hanged.

do you think he really died? or is this some government conspiracy?


bear in mind, pictures do not tell you anything.

and if you guys take into consideration the possibility that 9/11 was staged by the US government and that saddam's Iraq was the scapegoat ( willing or unwilling), it is rather questionable

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    The video is being shown on Fox News and CNN, I believe he was actually hanged. People in the middle east aren't playing around when it comes to life and death, and the Iraqi government doesn't have a need for him, and he serves no purpose to anyone. If he wasn't actually hanged, and somewhere down the line he were to make a "reappearance" nobody would believe it and he would be labeled an imposter.

    Although, I must add that it is a bit curious they waited so long to release what little they did... it doesn't take 5 hours to edit a tape.

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    Saddam was indeed executed. But the part of the footage where he was actually hanged was not shown. This is because the TV networks had to follow certain rules on censorship. The showing of violent, objectionable and revolting images is not allowed for broadcast. Just to give you an example, I'm sure you have never seen footages of dead or mutilated bodies of U.S. soldiers and civilians in Iraq right?. Or did anybody see a footage of the bloodied and unconscious Princess Diana lying at the back of the car when she was killled in that tragic automobile accident?. The American TV news networks are bound by these rules, and are very much restricted on what they can show and broadcast.

    Maybe you can try looking at Arabic news websites. Surely they have the unedited and complete footage of Saddam's hanging, if you want to see it all.

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    Ok i agree with the possibility of Saddam not really being dead, but 9/11 was not a conspiracy set up bye the government. Maybe we just don't want to believe that Saddam would actually ever get killed. Or it's all to surreal to us. But I find it very hard to believe he's actually dead. I believe it about 20% and the other 80% thinks it was all for show.

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    Saddam was properly looking forward to death after the trial.

    The trial, and embarrassment was enough to kill someone 10 times over, and worse than being killed.

    I do not think it would be a good idea to freely distribute the video, or pictures, when comic strips alone can cause riots in the street.....we all know the photos are out there, and they will be viewed.

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    I do think that the government has some big cover ups, but in this case I think he is really dead.Although I wonder why they did it so soon?Didn't they have until Jan. 27 to do it?? Either way, I'm glad he was punished for the horrible crimes he committed.

    And by the way, they keep talking about how his trial was unfair. What the crap was his defense??? He did it, everyone knows he did it. In my opinion, just him getting a trial was fair. They should have just shot his a** when they pulled him out of that "spider hole".

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    That's not funny. Saddam Hussein's last minutes were as follows:

    Saddam (as the noose is put around his neck): Ya Allah (Oh God).

    Someone in the audience: Mercy be on those who pray for Mohammed and the household of Mohammed. (Everyone repeats the prayer, including Saddam.)

    Executioner and two people in the audience: And hasten his return (the Mehdi), curse his enemy and grant victory to his son, Muqtada, Muqtada, Muqtada! (This is a common Sadrist chant.)

    Saddam (smirking): Muqtada?

    NSA Muwafaq Al-Rubai'i: To Hell!

    Saddam: (laughing)

    Prosecutor Munqidh Al-Far'awn: Please, no.

    Muwafaq Al-Rubi'i: Long live Mohammed Baqir Al-Sadr!

    Someone in the audience: To Hell!

    Saddam (solemnly recites the Shahada prayer): I witness that there is no god but Allah, and that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah. I witness that there is no god but Allah, and that Mohammed is the- (trap door is opened).

    Audience: Prayers for Mohammed and the household of Mohammed.

    Someone: The tyrant has fallen. May Allah's curse be upon him.

    Someone: No. No. Stay back.

    Someone: Leave him for 8 minutes. Don't take him down.

    Someone: Everyone. Stay back.

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    It's all a freakin conspiracy man!! JFK is still alive as well. All the people in the WTC attacks are still alive as well. The gov't has just been tricking us this whole time.

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    It is funny, if they hang him and show it

    that pisses off XYZ

    if they dont hang him

    that pisses off VXZ


    yes I think they did him in

    totally illegally and with a totally biased court

    but what else was to be expected

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    There were still pictures showing on TV this morning of his dead body.

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    There will be some pictures posted, so don't worry.

    Why couldn't they just shoot him quick and easy...

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