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Did sadam really deserve death?

i mean when he was the President

Iraq was safer than now

Although he killed alot of ppl

in the war Millions of innocent ppl has been killed


I mean if we are looking for justice we should Trial all murderers without exception

Update 2:

Miss Egypt

i agree with you

we should treat all killers Equally

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    I believe that he did deserve to die but his accomplices should hang with him. That would be Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 along with Rumsfeld and Cheney. They put him in power and did nothing back when the kurds were killed. It seems that his war crimes were ok when they happened. They only became a bullet point for the administration and Fox news as justification for the so-called war on terror.

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    hi roy! i am a student from iran today i had chemistry exam and when i turned on the tv before class i heard this news actually i do not become happy i hate sadam hosein he was a cruel and bad person he enjoyed killing people in my own country he killed alot of people during the war in our family there are two boys that have been killed by sadamhosein crimes during the war between iran and iraq.nearly all the people in iran are happy about this matter they say it is better that he has died because now god will punish him .ok any way he was really deserved to die but i thinkl we (humans )should not kill anybody even thge really bad people like him god himself knows what to do with him.good luck!

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    Actually, Iraq is safer now. The media (and the Bush-haters and America-haters) love to inflate beyond proportion situation in Iraq.

    This war is, in reality, the most successful in US history as well as one of the most in recent world history. With only 3000 casualties over a period of 3 1/2 years, rebuilding the country and holding elections under the constant threat of terrorists, and training the Iraiq army to patrol places like Fellujah without our help, our success has actually been pretty phenomenal.

    As for the death penalty, it's debatable. I respect those who don't like it, I understand they don't like to see anyone killed, and hope for rehabilitation is a good sentiment.

    (I personally would have starved 10 dogs in a pit for 3 days and then dropped him in and filmed it. But that's just me.)

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    Did the Kurds deserve to be gassed and truly innocent children, women and men be killed?

    Yes, he deserved death!

    Remember, this is also Islamic law, not American.

    Rot in hell Saddam

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    His past persecution has to be judged. Howeber, the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq haven't been found. Bush admitted this.

    The hasty action of America should be judged first.

    Other allied countries shoud reflect on their decision as well.

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    If a man killed your whole family because you were a kurd would you let that man go free?

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    I dont believe in the death penalty so I would say no

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    I don't know what the right is , but there are different opinions.

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    Do you want some more 911s idiot!

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    huh that's funny do u know anything about him he killed his people with chemical weapon and ....................

    silly question !

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