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I am clueless can anyone help me?

I really want a girlfriend but I don't even know where to start. I am in college right now and I don't have a clue how to approach girls. I don't know where I can meet them at all. Most of my friends either are single or have girlfriends and don't understand at all. How can I approach girls?

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    If you're in college are there any girls in your class that you like? Do they sit close to you? If they do, ask them for help with it. If they agree and are single arrange for like a little tutorial date. If she agrees then do your study thing and get to know each other as well. I tried that with a girl in one of my classes about 4 years ago. We went to Second Cup and she tried to help me with it but she saw that I actually new all my stuff about it so I came clean and told her that I liked her and wanted to spend some alone time to get to know her. Luckily for me she was flattered by that (some girls might not) and gave me a lift home and a good night kiss : ). The bad part about it, we were out so late that I actually failed that test the next day (when she asked me about it and I told her she had a good laugh and I got a nice sorry kiss for it). If you try this then I hope it works for you as well. Good luck.

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    Hi clueless !!!

    The best way to go about this is not to. And the reason I'm advising you this is that since you are so eager to do so that will be reflected in your actions and conversation.

    Best for you to do, go to the best hang outs ever for girls,

    THE SHOPPING MALL", or the movie theater!!!! And play the coolest man in the world, girls are attracted to those that look less approachable. Make sure always dress clean and smell good.

    Be a gentleman, friendly, but don't give too much of yourself, like that then later you will feel much better, if things don't work out for you.

    Try first making friends, eventually a friend of your friend will definitely click with you. Just take your time, you seam to be very young, and shouldn't be so eager in having so many headaches!!

    I'm joking. But so for you to know get ready for the dating game!!! Don't take it too seriously, just go a have fun until you are ready and find the right girl for you.



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    You need a basic understanding of the game. One of the most important things is being confident or appearing confident. That is a big turn on for all girls. You also need to have a laid back personality. If you see a girl you like just play it cool and dont be too aggressive. Like dont call her too much and give her space. Personally, I would say dont look for a girlfriend, just enjoy yourself and you will meet the right girl when the time is right. Your single because you haven't found the girl thats right for you or your game is weak.

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    I think it all starts with eye contact. If you make eye contact with a girl and the two of you stare longer than you should and she keeps looking at you and is smiling then that means come talk to me. If you are in college you should have no problem meeting girls. If you cant find females in college good luck finding them when you get out

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    Try not to be desperate .... girls don't like that. Be casual, easy going & if fear of rejection is your obstacle, you need to go to places where there are groups of people and find one person that you know & join them and even if the girl who rings your bell isn't there, people know people, and people invite people to parties ..... and the best way to meet girls are through friends ... hope this helps.

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    Don`t try to be someone your not. Be honest, interesting, and show interest in what she likes to do. But most of all DO NOT appear desperate. Your best result would be loving each other equally.

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    try not to be so desperate. things like this just happen and you can't really plan them. but try bein a gentlemen to the ladies cuz they always love that and always try to make them laugh and treat them with respect. good luck.

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    just be yourself try to be kinder and respect them alot ! Good luck!

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    just act normal and... treat them like normal human beings... first you must befriend them....

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