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what is the meaning of the word RISK TAKER???

sorry but i realy do not know whats the meaning

of the word


i need serious answer pls....

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    People who do things more often, in somekind of elevated way, in a situation that may be somewhat interesting to dangerous. For example: People who date every week. People who race cars. People who like adventure and excitement.

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    RE: What's that other word that means "risk taker"? As usual, I'm stuck on a two-word description and, therefore, can't find it in the thesaurus. Thanks!

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    Similar to gambling but instead of gambling money, a risk taker "gambles" his/her chances of being the loser in whatever he is gambling weather it be a job, relationship or even life.

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    Somebody who is rash and impetuous and who is prepared to do things even though the consequences might prove to be damaging, in the hope that they may turn out well.

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    someone that takes a chance. gamblers,sky divers, and stuntmen are risk takers .

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    Here an example. Dropping your soap, then bending over to pick it up while you're in prison!

    Get the picture?

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    let me think.about two words,who cares?.

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