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Is it possible to replace plastic bags with corn?

I remember hearing a farmer talk about shirts made out of corn on the news a few years ago. What happened to that guy?

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    they do have plastic-like bags that are biodegradeable made out of corn. they use them in some supermarkets in ca.

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    Not sure if your question is related just to corn or any other plant works for you.

    As far as i know, today most bags are made in materials that come from plants such as cotton, wood from trees, etc. most of them are recycled as any other paper.

    Plastic and chemical materials coming from oil are not used since many years ago, at least in my country.

    Probably because oil is very expensive.

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    I remember when I was in elementary school, ink-pens made from corn were a really big deal. They were bio-degradable because they were mostly made of corn. Whatever happened to ink-pens made of corn? lol

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