Isn't "Bible" the most important book on earth?

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    Yes, the bible is the most important book you will ever read. Everything else pales in comparison. How can you get a book that not only tells us how all things came into being, but gives us a guide for life, a reason for living, a reason even for dying. A reason for placing our trust in a living God who is as much now as He was then and always will be.

    I believe the bible is true in every sense and anybody can dispell it as fiction if they wish. It is enough for me that it's survived over 2000 years and far outweighs any new age book we have today that comes out by some new age guru, only to be replaced by some other new concept by yet another new age guru and on it goes. All the while the bible remains the same and continues to survive throughout the ages, as it is basically the book of God. Written by holy men, inspired/dicatated by the holy spirit.

    The bible is never changing and the words in that book are alive. They apply today as much as they did then and God's word is eternal and means more than anything else that is spouted out in this world that is fickle, changeable, and offers little hope of anything.

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    no, the bible is just a book. It is filled with stories and life lessons. It is a guide book, thats it. Some people cant' think for themselves so they use the excuse "because the bible says so".

    There are a lot of people who claim you can't be christian with out the bible. Thats a crock of bull. Those are the people who can't live without the bible. The most important book on earth depends on the person reading it.

    I am a Christian, proud to be so. However I believe the most important book on earth is a simple encyclopedia.

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    Yes, the Bible is the most important book ever written.

    The scriptures contained therein can be told over and over again and each time there is something awesome to be learned, something new that you know you read before but each and every time, you get a different understanding.

    It's God's work of art. It's the only book that has survived this long and still has an impact on peoples lives.

    There so much more about the glory of this one book; I just don't have the words to say.

    They apply to all generations even the one we live in.

    But rocky road purty much summed it up.

    B asic

    I nstructions

    B efore

    L eaving

    E arth

    Thats so awesome I never thought of that on. :)

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    I disagree. He makes use of defective good judgment. there is sufficient info accessible that worldwide Warming phenomena is at an end and we are actually entering a factor of global cooling. those are ordinary cycles interior the earth's climate. till somebody can coach me how we are affecting the earth without needing a organic reason i will proceed to doubt. There are actually not sufficient above ordinary days that are record breaking this summer season and final to cajole me that we are in an atypical cycle. We had warmer days interior the 30's. we've basically been conserving records for perhaps one hundred fifty-2 hundred years. How do all of us comprehend what the climate became like in the worldwide 4 hundred-600 years in the past. Many interior the worldwide warming hysteria have faith the earth is tens of millions of years previous. How can they reconcile that with their contemporary concept.

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    KJV Bible 1611 after Christ published plus 303 years to 1914 after Christ and an excepted translations for the last days and end times spoken of as Major war and 1260 days Rev.11:1-3; Rev.12:6,14; Rev.13:5; 42 months or 3 1/2 years of WW1.

    Dan.8:12-14 [ 2300 after Babylon Empire #3 destroyed Promised Land 606 before Christ is 1694 after christ and word has been circulating 83 years, in 300 years it

    will be an excepted translation at 1994 and what generation will not pass? until all things fulfill ];


    John 3:13-17; No one but Jesus has ascended, UNTIL WHEN WILL ANY ASCEND?

    Acts 2:27-35 [ foes to footstool ];

    Matt.22:42-44 [ enemies to footstool ];

    Heb.1:1-13 [ enemies to footstool ];

    Rom.16:20 [ Satan to be under the feet of the apostles ]; John 6:39,40,44 promised to be raised up at the last day, John 14:3; I GO TO PREPARE A PLACE FOR YOU THAT WHERE I AM THERE YE MAY BE ALSO.

    Michael of Jude 9; Dan.12:1-13; Rev.12:1-12; and holy angels cast Satan and unholy angels out of heaven and down to footstool earth. NEW HEAVENS AND NEW EARTH.

    2Pet.3:13; Isa.45:18; 65:17; 661 [ heaven is my throne, earth is my footstool, 22,23 ];

    Rev.21:1-5 [ ALL IS MADE NEW ]; Holy angels separate sheep from goat Matt.25:31-34;


    No Satan.

    Heavenly body is with Jesus as first resurrected, 12,13 for the earthly body and New


    Rev.9:1-5 [ 5x 30 = 150 ]; Pit is open for Satan, THE SEALED OF GOD ARE THERE.

    Rev.9:12-16 [ Euphrates angels prepare 391, to Rev.16:12-16 Euphrates angel trouble ];

    KJV Bible 1611 after Christ published plus 395 to 2006 after Christ.

    Michael Dan.12:1-7 [ 2500 after Babylon Empire #3 at 606 before Christ ];

    Michael Dan.12:8-10 [ 2520 Satan cast down ends Empire #7, Satan has short time ];

    Michael Dan.12:11 [ 2x 1290 is ] 2580 less 2520 is 60 more years for Satan.

    Michael Dan.12:12 [2x 1335 is ] 2670 less 2520 is 150 Same as Rev.9:1-5 [ 5x 30 = 150 ]; WORLD IS 2,612 YEARS FROM BABYLON EMPIRE #3


    Eph.2:7; 3:21; The world with Jesus is without end. John 3:16;

    Source(s): Bible.
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    YesBible is the best Book on earth. It is the word of God . Jesus Christ is the word of God. Bible is given to us for our salvation. The past, the present and the future are in the Bible.

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    Yes, because of all the claims, legal claims washed in by the blood of Jesus and enforced by the christians,

    Claim #1 - God created heaven and Earth

    Claim #2 - God Created Man & Woman

    Claim #3 - God gave the Hebrews the law

    Claim #4 - God made the great flood

    Claim #5 - God gave Israil to the Israilights

    Claim #6 - Jesus is the Son of God

    There are many more, so in the rights hands what are these claims worth

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    If you are a Christian, then, yes it is the most important book ever written. It contains the knowledge of the world's history with God and also the example given by Christ of how you should live your own life.

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    Yes, because it helps people to live with righteousness and come to a deeper relationship with God. If we just obey the Golden Rule, "Do to others as you would want others do unto you" we will have peace on earth.

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    yes it is the most important book on earth...

    God Blessed your Heart!!!

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