anyone know anything about curing dark patches on face?

my face has never been very clear, i have suffered from blemishes and pimples for a long time. i have used all kinds of facial scrubs and blemish removing creams and acids, and they did work for a while. now i've passed puberty too and the acne seems to be calming down (touch wood!). quite a few of the blemishes have also gone but now i've got these light patchy areas on my right cheek.

my right cheek suffered the most acne, and i'm afraid that the products i used before are now having their long-term side effects on my skin. the patches are not so noticeable in some kinds of light, and they show up even more when i'm worried or scared. does anyone know what i can do? are these patches permenant? i haven't used any kind of anti-acne cream after i saw these patches. a doctor did give me an antibacterial medicine that i apply on my face every night- clindamycin phosphate lotion. is it possible that my skin is allergic to phosphate compounds?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    dear friend,

    i know when some one have good face but not shown as it is. i have some types if u use u can solve your problem may be

    !) never touch that pimples, use bended over there so sun light, and dirt not attack on it,

    2) wash your face twice a day with cool water and when ever you come from direct sun light wash your face same time

    3) drink liquid coconut water, juice etc

    4) never use any cosmetics cause it effect softness of you skin

    5) eat fruits and green salad always

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