I have a question on Laughlin, NV!?

My question..is that I am planning a trip to vegas this summer..and i was wondering if i should stop by at laughlin also...But i am wondering..SHould I go? What is there in laughlin, except maybe the Colorado River? Isn't it just like Vegas...? Can someone convince me why I should/shouldn't stop at Laughlin on my way to vegas? Do you think its worth a stop?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I was in Laughlin about a year ago.

    Aside from the 1/2 dozen or so casinos, and the river-walk out back along the beautiful Colorado River, there's not much to draw your attention to.

    In the Riverside Hotel/Casino you'll find a great car collection, if this is of interest to you. Located on both the street level and on the casino's third floor in the South Tower, these extraordinary car collections features more than 70 of the most unique, classic and rare automobiles, trucks and motorcycles ever created, as well as antique slot machines and vintage gaming tables. Best of all, admission is free; open daily 10am to 10pm.

    The entertainment is generally "B-list" or "Over-the-hill/past-their prime", and is usually on weekends only.

    Since you're on your way to Vegas - about 2 hours away, I'd certainly use Laughlin as a unique "rest stop" for a few hours. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend it as a destination unto itself.

    I've pasted the Laughlin website below for you to review and use in making your decision.

    Good luck and Happy New Year!

    Source(s): http://www.visitlaughlin.com/ltourism/index.jsp I am a Certified Travel Consultant Specialist and Certified Las Vegas Specialist
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