What countries were involved in The Invasion of Normandy?

Which countries fought in The Invasion of Normandy?

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    On the Allied side;





    New Zealand

    Free French


    Some scattered British Empire troops from India, Malaysia, etc.

    On the Axis side


    Russian conscripts in the 709th and 253rd INF DIV

    Some scattered European S.S. units from Poland, France, Belgium, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria

    Source(s): 1/3 of the units resiting the US on Bloody Omaha were Russian conscripts.
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    The Germans had as additional troops the Vichy French,and small contingents of troops from other occupied countries .

    On the side of the Allies, there were many countries involved with their troops in the D-Day invasion:In addition to the Americans and the British (which included troops from all over the British Empire,)

    there were units from Allied contingents (French, Polish, Czech, Dutch, and Norwegian) as well as Canadian and other Commonwealth squadrons.

    That American, British, Canadian, and French troops took part in the Normandy invasion is generally known. But that there were Australian personnel involved is less widely known - as their participation is never mentioned outside of the Antipodes. Nevertheless, there were nearly 20,0000 Aussies serving in Britain at the time of the landings, and many of them had a direct role in the invasion.

    Source(s): various websites.
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    The United States, England and Canada were the invasion force. Germany was on the receiving end and we had some help with the French resistance.

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    USA, Britain, Canada, Free French, Poland. All fighting Germany.

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    Don't think the Aussies were at Normandy.

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    Pretty much have to agree with Wolfie answer, that's the majority of it in a nutshell.

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    Maybe that's right

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    Great discussion, just what I was looking for.

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    us, germany, france, britan

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    U.S. and Germany

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