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White tongue?

I've always brushed my teeth and my tongue regularly, but recently i've some white stuff on my tongue (the further back the more there is) I painstakenly brush this off every morning as i'm very conscious about oral hygiene. Alot of it comes off, but never all of it. I even leave tootpaste on my tongue when i've finished. I've also bought all sorts of breath sprays but nothings worked. Any ideas as to how to get rid of it??

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    Some antibiotics will cause thrush ...if it is thrush you can get a Rx for just thrush....also my ENT told me to stop sipping all day on soft drinks and cut back on sweets, also use mouthwash such as Cepacol for several days which should help. If not then go on to the doctor for him to prescribe for you

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    Mine is like that too, but not quite as bad. I recommend listerine, it helps me. But i have some kind of thing i was born with so mine will never go away. mine is called a geographic tongue. that might be what you have too? it's like a birthmark thing on your tongue.

    But just keep brushing it and use Listerine

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    Could very well be thrush ... which is just a typpe of yeast infection. Baby get it alot. There is sometimes pain associated with that. If it is thrush, then antibiotics are all that is needed.

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    Have you been sick recently? Sometimes when you have strep or you are sick the back of your throat will be white.

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