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As an american soon to get a croatian passport ... how hard is it to buy a home in croatia ... Are loans possible... to they need a credit check ?... iv tryed internet searches with no luck and would really love to buy a home here.. yes here as i am on vacation here now and come 2 times a year ...thanks to all...

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    As you mentioned that you are an American who will soon get Croatian passport and as far as I know it means you'll or you already did get as well Croatian citizenship. Otherwise I don't know and don't see a possibility for getting Croatian passport.

    By having Croatian citizenship it would be much easier for you to buy a property. Meaning you'll not have to pass through some administrative procedure to collect needed additional papers what would be the case when you are treated as foreigner. That's the good one.

    The bad one (in both cases) you still have to collect lot of papers and take care about several things. First advice I would like to give you is – arm yourself with patience and persistence. You'll need both of it sooner or later. As well don't assume that everything will go smoothly, even it may so. But prepare yourself for strange procedures, requests or similar. Also forget all you have learned and all you think you understand and know. Forget all the things you would expect as an ordinary common procedure in US. Croatia is totally different thing, even there are some similarities.

    There is a possibility to get a loan. We call it "credit for buying a property". Almost every bank operating in Croatia offers it. Their interest rates may vary as well as the procedure to get the loan or their requests you should fulfill for it.

    Basically almost every property in Croatia could be bought through loans even the sellers prefer the cash as quickest and easiest way.

    To get a property loan in the bank (operating in Croatia) as first you need to be Croatian citizen. As I understand it – you managed that part. As well, every bank would need to check your credit or in other words you'll have to provide them with proof about your regular income. Meaning, you should have a job in Croatia with regular monthly salary or your retirement income. It gets easier to get a loan in the bank in which you receive your regular income. In such case banks often offers lower interest rates too for their clients.

    I'm sorry that I can't tell you more as I don't know your circumstances and particular details needed to be able to give you more precise and detailed info. So, I'm little bit fishing around trying to figure out what they could be.

    Anyway, in the Source (bellow) I'm providing you with the links to banks operating in Croatia (few bigger once). The pages I'm providing you with are in English.

    As well I'm providing you with the link to some basic tips regarding buying a property in Croatia that you may find useful. (If you would need any additional help you may contact me through the Contact form on that site. I'll post a contact form there in a few days, as there is not in the moment.)

    I hope this would help you!

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    It will become easier every year. But you'll need to trust a local and a local Lawyer to make sure your papers are in order. The problem there is One family member will sell you their portion but it's probably not theirs to sell or it wasn't divided properly among the siblings so your out of luck with a lighter pocket book. Happen to my uncle (but he should have know better. Deal was to good to be true) The other side is credit, I'm not sure about the name of the company but there is a European credit company (german) that will give credit. The Local Realtors should be able to help with that. Just make sure you get proper papers thru a Land titles office and check it with a lawyer, trust no one.

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