Why are some people sentimental and others are not?

This year for xmas my aunt sent me an old costume necklace of my grandmother's [she is 90] & wanted me to have it,when I got it I cried,and now everytime I wear it I get so teary/emotional.

I hardly see my gran and its just a junky old necklace,why i am so sentimental????

usually people are selling their grandparents stuff on ebay, I just don't know how they can do that.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    does it really matter? be glad you feel such a close bond that you care to wear and hv reminders of loved ones around. everyones sentimental on some level, some moreso while others ((for ex: men)) think its a sign of weekness so they bury it or ignore it,, unless it involves sports and a trohpy (;

    maturity and age play a part,, kinda like when throwing away something when you are younger but then when you gain a few years, you think, geez i wish i really wld'v kept that. it reminds me of ....

    sentiment is good!! reminds us of what we value so we appreciate the good times and save a reminder!!

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    As humans, we are all different. Some realize that everything cannot be kept and each have different values (appreciation of different things)

    Years ago, I served a very famous person a cup of coffee and a cookie. Only part of the cookie was eaten. The rest of the cookie--I literally saved for years. lol. Finally I threw it away. I now have many other things to replace the cookie. lol Just goes to show you--different strokes for different folks. Enjoy you possessions.

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    At least you are attaching some value on it. As you say some people would just as soon sell the stuff on ebay. Good for you.

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    we are all different ,when my mum was alive she used to give us books of poetry and stuff write her name and the date etc i come from a family of 12 any ways my sister gave me a heap of books and when i opened them her name and dates where there for all to see, i cried but my sister was ready to dump in landfill if i didnt take ,all different

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think thats great and she wanted you to have it for a reason! think about it! she knew you would take care of it good 4 u!

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