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How did Derren Brown do that?

I was watching a recorded show of Derren Brown last night on Channel 4. One of his acts involved pain. He said he had adopted the technique of another magician, and by not breathing he could cut the supply of oxygen to his brain and wouldn't feel pain. A random audience member confirmed his pulse had stopped and he then proceeded to walk across (real) broken glass. You saw him picking pieces of glass out his feet but there was no blood. He then lay down in it, face down, while a man stood on his back. He got up, perfectly fine with no cuts. Someone explain?

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    It's bugging me as to how he did that! I don't think it was cleverly edited because it was in front of a live audience and they looked as shocked as I was. Maybe he can do some mind over matter thing for the pain but that still doesn't explain how his feet weren't cut to shreds. Great showman, I want to go see him live now!

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    It was TV; you can do anything with TV - even with an 'active' audience. What you don't see is what's edited out. It was impressive though and great entertainment.

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