How do YOU feel about the death of Saddam???

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    The jury verdict of capital punishment was carried out.

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    well i think he deserved his sentancing, i mean he's a horrible guy who did a lotta horrible things. however i believe dont appove the way his death was carried out, i mean fine he had to be hung sure, but have you heard of any other people who's hanging has been filmed and broadcasted all over the world? i mean fine, an iraqy reporter filmed it and its not that rare for press to watch a haning whne its someone famous being hung but ultimately, the americans were in charge of this and could have stopped the filming at any point of time. also during the hanging people were snapping photos like tourists at the Eifle Tower. i just found it very disrespectful, especially since, though he did do many horrible things, he was a ruler of a country. in fact no man deserves this. also, if you did happen to catch the video, youll notice that the men carrying out the hanging arent even wearing their uniform, but are dressed like a man about to rob a bank. this is indecent and disrespectful and just plain horrible.

    and the fact that this video is on every news chanel is just terrible. the americans would be protesting by now if this had to an american in any other country. and i myself am an american so this has nothing to do with any prejudice or anything.

    so to summarise, i am fine with the sentancing but i feel the way the entire process was was carried out was just disrespectful and inhumain. also i feel bad for the family of Saddam cause if you didnt know, tomorow, on the 31st is Hari Raya Haji, a national Muslim holiday and they wont even be able to enjoy it.

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    Seeing as no weapons of mass destruction were found, will George Dubya face trial and then the hangman's noose for his war crimes? I doubt it, cos if you believe the USA, they're the "good guys" and everyone else is evil, right? Don't get me wrong, Saddam mightn't have been a Saint but neither are the "USA".

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    For many, phrases like "What comes around, goes around" or "be careful who you f*ck with on your way up--because they're waiting for you on you way down" likely come mind.

    Hussien no doubt was a dangerous, deadly tyrant with ambitions parallel to those of Hitler; where marked destruction on US soil was in mind. But was he really capable of delivering on his ambitions and dreams? I think not.

    I really never bought his dictatorship of Iraq was the reason we sent our military forces there--feelings confirmed when the "weapons of mass destruction" sham got exposed for what it was.

    I'm quite sure there are existant sealed Top Secret documentation that clearly state out just how dangerous Saddam Hussein was not only to Iraq--but equally so towards the US as well. Doubts exist we will ever see those papers anytime soon.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Saddam killed his own people, tortured and threw gas which incinerated their flesh. He was a bad man, whether we found the weapons of mass destruction or not, whether we did go to war for oil, fact is.. he's gone. And maybe it's just me but i'm kinda okay with him being dead.

  • 1 decade ago

    shame on you all who reccomend such execution! i am ashamed to even live in such a society that 'so-called' encourages fair trials etc and wait a min, listen to this, who are the killers of all the precious human lives of every person that was killed in the war and dont forget the soldiers who lost thier lives for no bloody reason what so ever so who are the real killers and why do ppl get influenced so easily by media? dont u guys have a brain of your own to decide what is right and what is wrong. shame shame shame on u all for encouraging it. I am devastated and feel sick reading ur inhumane comments where ppl out there lost every person from thier family and all at once in this bloody war which wasn't even suppose to take place coz there was no evidence of mass destruction anyway so wait a min, all those lives lost for nothing. so who are the real killers then? shouldn't they be punished for thier crimes? remember ppl, this is where justice comes in. the REAL justice so they should be punished even worse in regards to how many lives were lost. so think with your own bloody brains and not get so easily influenced by what u been told, a whole pack of lies.and Eid day, what the ****. muslim festival and suppose to be happy but no no they wont let the muslim people live! tehy do it on purpose to hurt and cause riots on Eid day. Imagine riots and hatred on Christmas day? Imagine ur christmas where ppl are dead. why dont they let those nice ppl live? do muslims ruin christmas day? NO! so why should bastartds do that to them? just shows who are the cruel ppl here. i am ashamed to live in such a society where ppl have no feelings, no heads and no common sense and to top it all no heart and no regards for human life. sick sick sick.

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    I truly felt like I am somewhere in the barbaric Middle Ages era. It didn't make me feel good at all. Of course, I was trying to think about all of his victims. Still, all this execution thing was not a good experience to hear about. I truly felt like I am somewhere hundreds years ago in time.

  • 1 decade ago

    i don't know, its like, good but bad because it didn't change anything. the war still goin on and people still dyin so what was the purpose, ya know!

  • Happy! I'd like to throw an after party.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am glad he is dead and I hope he burns in hell.

    If anyone knows of a link showing his full execution, let me know.

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