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How to block fake orders on website?

We have a very serious problem. Someone keeps placing fake orders on our website. In the beginning he had a fixed ip so I blocked it. Now he seems to use software to fake dynamic ip. Sometimes he pays by PP and then opens a file because "someone hacked his account" so he get's his money back. Anyway, it is causing us a lot of work.

Is there any way to discover his 'real' IP address. Or another way to block his orders. Of course he uses a different name and address each time.....

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    Well, you could require the mailing address to be "confirmed" by paypal. It is easy to open many different email accounts, but how many real addresses can a person have? You could then just block the orders, based on the physical address.

    Other than that, there is no, there is no way, really. You cannot find out the real ip if the guy is using a proxy (leave alone, that he can easily just go to a friend's computer, or a library).

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    Prosecute him for fraud based on the original fixed IP.

    Source(s): I hate criminals.
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