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How to study smart and memorize fast?

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    Funny thing, I'm in a Study Skills class to learn just that ^_^

    One thing that helps me is to highlight the important things in a paragraph in my book, throughout the chapters. That way when you go back to study, the highlighted information will be right there waiting for you. :)

    Memorizing fast is another matter entirely, depends on whether you have a mind and ability for that sort of thing or not. I do, but you might not. Something I find helps me memorize things quickly is reading the information over and over and writing it down over and over and saying it over and over :).

    Hope that helps ^^

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    Get an over-view of the work to be done each term at the start of the term from your teacher/lecturer.

    Often wikipedia can give you a quick over-view of any topic or sub-topic or term that saves reading whole chapters of a book or puts the whole thing in context before reading a book. It can summarise novels.

    Looking up individual terms and key words in wikipedia is productive. It has more entries than you'de expect. For example, if you're studying psychology, just look up wikipedia entries for 'angst', 'paranoia', 'projection', etc. If your studying car-mechanics, look up 'ignition system', etc.

    Considering how much difference passing/failing a school or university course makes or getting a good grade for your resume/CV, its worth spending some money on revision guides (at the start of the year, not just before exams). If you're young and don't have much cash, persuade parents that they're a good investment. They may add several thousand to your annual salary for decades to come.

    At the start of the year, find out the name of the examing board and the exact name of the exam, then get past exam papers from the examining board website. They're normally a couple of dollars/pounds. You then know what you're aiming at.

    There's a program called supermemo (super-memorisation) that does question and answer tests to help you learn things, keep them fresh in your memory by regular testing and revise for exams. It controls the re-test intervals and a marking scheme 1-5 for 'how easily did I recall the answer' lets it re-schedule tests in a way that optimises your time, testing you more often on things you found it difficult to re-call.

    Supermemo98 is free (see 2nd link).

    You can enter or cut-and-paste question and answer pairs or import whole sets of questions and answers from a text file in the form :-

    Q: When was the battle of hastings.

    A: 1066


    Q: I speak English

    A: Hablo Ingles (spanish)

    You need a space after the colon, I think, and you may need a blank line after each pair or maybe not.

    For learning languages and memorising stuff for exams, the techniques of world memory champion Dominic O'Brien are good. See link to books on amazon. I read 'How to develop a perfect memory' and use the techniques all the time for memorising Spanish vocab and PIN numbers, but this may be out of print now. You might find it on eBay.

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    The best way to memorize something is to write it over and over again. So if you are trying to learn vocabulary write the word and the definition 5-10 times. By writing it (instead of just reading) you are stimulating more parts of your brain and are therefore more likely to memorize it.

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    I recommend u a book called "How to Study and Top Exams" by Dhaval Bhatia

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    sleep early and wake up early at 4 a.m then you study with confidence and always think positive that your motive is to memorize.Don't think of so many things, you focus on your lessons.Study one subject not on the same time.When you finish on one subject , have a final memorization then proceed to another subject.I did this before then it's effective.

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    Study Smart - Find a huge variety of nonfiction books at eBay, from art and photography to true crime, it's all on eBay.

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    just saw a cool infomercial- it out

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    P.S:Highlight the important points that you could brush tru dem

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