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what's the best motorcycle for the price and for beginners?

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    I've got four basic rules for a good first bike.

    1. It should be light enough that you can pick it back up if you drop it.

    2. The seat should be low enough that you can get both feet flat on the ground while sitting on the bike.

    3. I'd recommend no more than 50 hp for your first bike, maybe less depending on how confident you feel and how well you do when you take some motorcycle lessons. 600 cc sport bikes generally have about twice this much power and aren't very easy for a beginner to learn how to ride.

    4. Pick one that's a good fit for you. I'm talking both comfort and one that appeals to your sense of style. There's sport bikes, cruisers, and plenty of other sorts of bikes out there that have beginner friendly levels of performance and weight.

    Some more tips on starting to learn to ride:

    1. Take some motorcycle lessons from professional instructors. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is the biggest name in these, but there's a few others. Check with the office that issues drivers' licenses; they'll have a list of good motorcycle schools.

    2. Get plenty of safety gear. It'll not only give you extra protection in a crash, but good gear can protect you from rain, cold, and even heat. I typically ride wearing a full-face helmet, motorcycle jacket, riding pants, boots, and gloves.

    3. And remember - this is your first bike, not your last. You may decide you've started on the wrong style of bike or want something bigger or faster a year later. Nothing wrong with that. If you bought a used bike that's a popular choice as a first bike, you can probably turn around and sell it for a few hundred less than what you paid for it.

    I learned to ride on a '79 Honda CX500 - a bit heavy, but it had no trouble with keeping up on the highway and had just enough power to keep me on my toes without getting out of hand. However, it wasn't in good shape, so six months and 3,000 miles later I went and got a nearly new Suzuki GS500F to replace it.

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    depends on how u want to ride in the long run, and how the bike 'fits' u. if u will want to go long distances, a cruiser type will work the best as far as price is concerned. a different seat put on a cruiser will make a difference in how long u can ride before having to call it a day.

    if long distance cruising isnt what u plan to do, and u plan to ride very aggressively on very curvey and twisty roads, the best bike would be a sport bike; 600cc ninja, or cbr-600. sport-tourer bikes are like a hybrid of a sport bike and a cruiser.

    honda, yamaha, suzuki, and kawasaki's (aka metrics) are cheaper than harley's. cheapest harley is the sportster line; 883 and 1200cc. both are good bikes for beginners, i ride a 1200 hd.

    its a very good idea before heading to the street to take the msf safety course. the first 6 months is statistically proven to be the deadliest time for beginning riders, often due to rookies pushing the envelope before they build up enough skill to keep the bike up, something going wrong, and they panic and do the wrong thing at the wrong time.

    harley's are heavy bikes, but not so heavy that a beginner cant handle them....price wise, their the most expensive, but they hold their resale value a bit better than the metrics.

    keep ur head on a swivel out there. an inattentive car driver will kill u quick.

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    I have a 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD(cruiser). Not too much bike about 350 lbs. Inline twin(same engine in the 500 ninja). The same horsepower as a Harley 883 sportster. Very dependable, Less than 6 grand. I don't suggest a Harley-Davidson, at least not for beginners TOO HEAVY. I also don't suggest you get an antique.

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    The Kawasaki 250R Ninja and the quickly to be released Honda CBR250. coverage stands out as the least on those motorcycles. shop for coverage expenditures before you purchase ANY motorbike. good success playstation on your viewing exhilaration, take a seem on the link under. additionally examine the journey comments once you enter the communicate board. supply you a perspective on what's accessible on the main concepts-blowing style of motorbike.

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    A bike you are not afraid to drop. A used Yamaha Virago,a Honda Rebel or a Suzki 500 LTD..which are in the cruiser class are good beginner bikes.

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    It really all depends on your taste. For example, if you want a sporty bike, then you'd do fine to buy a SV 650 Suzuki. If you prefer a cruiser bike, then try one of the Suzuki line of cruisers.

    Dual sport?? A DL 650 Vstrom may be more to your liking.

    Any one of these will provide you plenty of HP and fun, and they'll keep you happy for a long time to come.

    I singled out Suzuki because I have knowledge of these bikes, there are many more from other manufacturers. The big thing is just to have fun, enjoy yourself and be safe!!

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    Most definitely a Harley Sportster. Either the 883 or 1200. Harleys hold their value, so after you have more experience and can afford more bike, you'll be able to upgrade to the Dyna or Softtail line of Harley without going through the sticker shock syndrome. Go to a dealer and check them out. Welcome to motorcycling and hope you'll spend wisely and go with the Harley.

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    250cc Honda Rebel or Kawasaki Vulcan. These bikes are what the Basic Rider Course is taught on. You don't want to try to ride on the Interestate with one, though.

    You might want to look at the 500cc Kawasaki Vulcan. Its sits low handles well and has enough power to get you out of dangerous situations.

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    Yamaha V-Star an inexpensive reliable bike that looks like a Harley.

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    Depends on what kind of ride you want to do;

    Street bike;

    *** "Suzuki Katanas" 600/750 are a GREAT starter bike and you can always find one cheap, They are (front) heavey but I think thats good for begginers (less chance of it poppen up on you!)

    *Ninja 250's our good and cheap but you will out grow it really quickly

    Cruiser bikes;

    ***"Rebels"250/ (500?) or bikes like this are good and look kinda cool (i guess) and you can really learn allot with out spending to much $$$ but you might out grow it shortly.

    ***Harley "Sportsters" Are a good first bike but if your a guy your buds may pick on you a bit! lol (its all fun and games no one really care and its your first so saftey first!)

    These are good bike and actually can be fast depending on what size you get! real good bike to learn on not to much maintenance like the other or older hogs!

    hope this helps a little

    Out of all these my personal choice is the Suzuki Katana, pound for pound a real good bike to learn on! plus will have some power to grow with (the power is their when you need it, and not when you don't) easy to ride!

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