Muslim Leadership so weak?

Did they feel any shame of not saying a single word on the illegal death orders and executon of Iraqi President Saddam Hussain, and then video on TV channels.

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't know about it being "illegal"; because it would seem that an Iraqi Court gave that verdict, after a long and well publicized case!?

    And the Press is always there for all these kinds of things, aren't they?

    Since the charge of killing 416 Shias, who are also Muslims was proven again him, I really wonder how you can say that he was not deserving the death penalty?

    Isn't the Death Penalty common in Islam?

    It's even dished out to people who are apostate!? And what about the two young men who were hanged for being gay, in Iran, recently? Or, the women who were recently buried upto their waist and then stoned to death for being alleged prostitutes?

    How come none of the people like you ever said anything about those atrocities?

    Why should the hanging of someone by his own Country for Crimes that he'd commited be such a great issue, while yuou could be silent about bigger atrocities?

    Think about it!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    The Iraqi Muslim Leadership was very specific about this and that is why the trial lasted so long.

    They DID speak up and they agreed with the verdict.

    No other Muslim Leader matters since they are not Iraqi

    Source(s): We should have just hand grenaded his bunker year ago, this is getting ridiculous....
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    Muslim leaders can't say anything, since none of them can't deny what Saddam had done. And Saddam had a fair hearing, what is there to say?

    Furthermore as an Arab, Arab leaders are too busy with their own mess and figuring out where to stand: whether Kissing the US and European Union's ***.. or with the Shiite...

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    Of course not... Muslims are a bunch of self-serving hypocrites. Clump them together with members of other religions and place them all on australia (sorry australia). Then we can keep track of all the closed-minded, fantasy worshipping, weak-willed people on the planet. After a couple of hundred years, we can visit the island/continent to see if there is anyone left...

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't even know who the Muslim leader's are but I don't think they really liked him. And why aren't the Muslim leader's cleaning house with those extremists, I heard their giving them a bad name.

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    How was it illegal? The man was a Mujirmun! A CRIMINAL, he killed many innocents. Only God can judge him now, he probably repented before they executed him..

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    1 decade ago


    The death sentence was LEGAL

  • djm749
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    1 decade ago

    I think you need to study up some more.

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    1 decade ago

    we said did u here??????????

    if u don't know then don't tell any thing about it mind Ur own business

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