can you get pregnant at any time of the month? or is it just b4 u ovulate?

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    It is POSSIBLE to get pregnant any time you have unprotected sex. However, it isn't extremely likely. There are people that use their cycle to determine when it's "safe" to have sex. It's called natural family planning. It's only about 75% effective, and requires serious caution and planning.

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    It is possible to get pregnant anytime of the month but your chances are very low around the time you are not ovulating. Your best bet if you want to get pregnant right away is to buy an fertility monitor. The Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor is the best on the market. It identifies your most fertile days, day by day and the day you are ovulating. My husband and I have been using it, unfortunately we had a miscarriage last month, but that had nothing to do with the monitor.

    Good Luck!

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    I think a woman can get preggo at ANY time of the month. Before, after, and during ovulation! You never know when there is going to be a freak accident in your body and your body is going to drop an egg. It could happen at anytime! A woman's body is still a huge mysetery.

    My mother got pregnant with me while she was on birth control pills, and she was not even supposed to be ovulating at that time in the month. She had a really stressful situation, and her body released an egg at the wrong time of month, and she wound up preggo with me! LOL

    Same thing happened with me, when I got preggo with my son! You never know when your body is going to release an egg!

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    Yes,you can get pregnant at anytime of the month but the chances of getting pregnant while your menstruating are less than 2%. Once you have your period your egg has left the lining of the uterus and has shedded itself and that causes the bleeding . In return there isn't any egg to fertilize leaving your chances less of getting pregnant. The best time to get pregnant is 12-14 days before your menstrual cycle is due and the males sperm can live inside of your for up to five days. Even though it is weakened it can still impregnate you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is possible for a female to get pregnant at any time but the most fertile time to get pregnant is the 12-14 day of the menstral cycle. Day 1 of the period and counting on until you hit day 12....

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    You can get pregnant any time of the month even if you have your period. This is a rare case and happened to me with my second child. The doctors had no explanation to what I had experienced at that time.

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