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I am a 17 year old disabled guy in wheelchair and I need a good girlfriend.?

I am 17 year old dude and I am looking for a chick. Well, as a person in wheelchair, i am anxious girls may not want me, but i know there will be a good, caring, and loving girl and that's the type of girl I need as a girlfriend. If you want to be my girlfriend, email me. My email is . I'll tell u about myself and send u my pics.

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    I've heard that girls who want to be nurses or are nurses fall in love with men in wheelchairs. I'd suggest volunteer at a hospital where you can show other folks who say have been in accidents and suddenly become wheelchair bound, need your help that life can go on. This way, you'll be helping others, feel good about yourself for helping others, and in the meantime, I bet you'll find a girlfriend, perhaps a nurse that's there, who'll see how nice you are, and want to be your girlfriend. Wish you luck! You sound like a nice man.

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    I dont think that being in a wheelchair will keep you from finding love. I hate to bring this up but Im sure she will does your unit still work? If it does then there is no problem if not you will have to find a girl who has a low sex drive and doesnt care. By the way men talk about how much they get from thier wives and girlfriends that shouldnt be a problem. good luck

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    u r still young n u got plenty of times to look 4 girlfriends.for the time being,u must try ur best to study by heart in college n in university,then u can get a better job with a good income.after that u need not to look 4 girlfriends but in the contrary,girlfriends w'd look 4 u irrespective of ur handicap.this's girl w'd support u n love u forever to share ur suffer,so u must show her that u can do everything as a normal person to make her happy in life with u.

    best wishes n happy new year.

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    Dude, I believe that this is the wrong way of finding someone. For a relationship live conversation is very important. Don't just hang out in your room all the time, go out, have some fun, do it the best you can, meet some, and you'll see,that's the way.... good luck men ;D

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    ...... your'e on the right track dude!.... Online,... heaps of girl's will see your request within minute's.... Waiting around to meet girl's using pot luck, will have you barely meeting 2 over a whole entire day.... Good Luck dude!....... Online's,.. the best way to start,.. corz it's quick,. easy,. and fast!...

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