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fish disease?


I have a question about my fish.It seems it is sick.It has mold on his body.

What should I do to cure him?If you know,please tell me how.I really feel sorry for him.

Thank you.

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    If it looks like mold (whitish, fluffy-looking) it is fungus. You have to go get a medicine for body fungus. You also have to keep its water very clean. Poor water conditions most likely caused this condition. You need to test your water for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, regularly, or at least be sure to do a partial water change and gravel vacuum weekly.

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    Definately sounds like Ick. It's also a very deadly disease to have in your tank, and can kill everything in it now, and any new fish in the future if the tank is not cleaned of it. There are good medicines for this to buy at local pet stores. I also used one that turned the water completely blue. I usually lost all the fish, unfortunately, but it cured the water for the next ones.

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    Sounds like it might be Ick. Buy Ick-out from the pet shop and treat the water in the tank with the fish in it. The treatment when I used it 30 years ago, turned the water blue and stained the aquarium but it got rid of the white fuzzy stuff on the fish called Ick.

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    it depends on the color {what you call mold} is it small white dots? does the fish keep iching himself on rocks and plants and stuff? I think you should go to then regesar as a new user and ask someone with more information about fish my husband is a moderator at this sight so when you regestar put the Fish_Freak recomended you {dont forget the underscore} whenh your done post a new thread and ask away someone there will help you i am sure you will find out whats wrong with your fish good luck and happy new year

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    its surely ick

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