How am i supposed to get my child to apply lotion on his dry skin, still need help?!?

How am i supposed to get my child to apply lotion on his dry skin, still need help?!?

MY 13 year old son has the dryest skin EVER, since winter his skin is just like sandpaper. His dry skin is everywhere on his body, and I got him Nivea body lotion for dry skin, and I said he MUST apply it on his body after his baths and showers.

I do his back because its hard for him to get the lotion on there, he does the rest. I Felt the bottle of lotion a couple days later and its still full besides when I do his back.

I do not even think he is using the lotion, I tried bribing him, did not work, and I applied lotion MYSELF on his body head to toe once to tell him a message that if he does not do it himself, I will.

I still do not know for sure for what I am supposed to do.

His skin is TOO ROUGH AND DRY to be ignored.

I tried everything now, I tried scaring him, everything.And I know the lotion is not irretating his skin, because his back is improving.


And yes, one of the first things I did was say girls don't like dry rough skin, but he said I know I know.

And for sure its only dry rough skin, not a skin disease.

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    I would just do it yourself, or tell him that no girl would want to feel jis skin being like that...good luck

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    Cook up a story telling him, when u were a small girl of his age, u had a friend like him with dry skin and how it wud come peeling off. And how ppl got scared of him and started calling him a snake kid. Tell him u want to save all that embarrasment for him. And ya make the activity fun by timing it, or u both doing it at the same time and seeing who wins. Write words on his hands and back with the lotion and ur finger, let him guess the word. In short make it fun. All the Best !

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    Try tackling the problem from the inside, out. There are many things he can eat and supplements he can safely take that will greatly improve his skin.

    First, though, you should find out why his skin is so dry. Does he have a specific skin condition? What causes it: allergies, nutritional imbalances, what? If you treat the cause, he won't have the symptoms.

    As for what he can eat or take internally, if he'll eat a salad, add things like pumpkin seeds sprinkled over the top, or flaxseeds, or use flaxseed oil as a dressing (like olive oil). Flaxseed oil can also be added to a fruit smoothie. Fatty fish (salmon, etc) are high in essential fatty acids, so have fish for dinner a couple of times a week.

    You can go to the health food store, or even the supermarket, and get fish oil capsules if he'll swallow them, as well as vitamin E capsules, zinc supplements, and vitamins A and C. Also, if you go to the health food store, a Silica supplement isn't a bad idea.

    But really, instead of just trying to smother him in cream, find out what's causing the dryness. Whatever his problem turns out to be, enforce whatever solution is necessary. If he refuses to eat what he needs to eat, take whatever supplement or whatever he needs to take, then take away things he likes, ground him, whatever. You're the parent, you're in control.

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    If you have not tried Aveeno you should it is really good.Since he will not use lotion buy the Aveeno Bath Bar or the wash;this is what I had to do for my 11 year old daughter,she hates the way lotion feels & has great improvement with her dry skin.

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    First of all.. get a body massage to him to soften his skin with oil so tat easy to remove dead skin from his skin. Aftertat do a whole body scrub n rince with cool water (Hot water leaches more oil from skin) then apply moisturizer to seal in the moisture.

    Use mild body shampoo n effective moisturizer.

    "Short shower time" Bath n shower strip away skin's natural oil n dry skin out more. The longer ur skin is immersed in water, become more dry.

    Once the dead skin been removed, skin more adsorb the moisturizer.

    Wish u luck! ^_^

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    i would go for an alternative approach...why not go for more moisturizing soaps...there is alot of really great manly smelling moisturizing soaps that will help with dry skin....also washing his sheets in a heavy fabric softener helps too...eventually i am sure he will get into a habit of using lotion..but he is 13...just wait until he is all about some girl..then there will be no problem with him getting all smoothed skin and feelin fresh...but for now i would go for the soaps...axe for men is a good brothers use that...

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    5 gtimes asking in the last 3 hrs isn't going to change the replies. only irritate people.

    the kid is old enough to suffer if he won't take care of it. ignore it. when it starts to crack and bleed it might bug him enough to do it

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    tell him that girls arent attracted to boys with dry skin

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