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what kind of turtle is my turtle?

i got my turtle from a mall in jordan, its my first turtle. it isa soft shelled, but im not sure how to really care for it. it has a orange underbelly, with black circles. it has a snout. anyone know what kind this is?


Whats a terripian, and the guy said o an adult hand, it will grow to teh size of 8/9s of it.

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    seems to me that you have a 'Soft-Shelled' Turtle. Soft shells usually have a Distinct Nose Shape like A 'Pig' Nose. And If you need to know what they eat,need,e.t.c. Look and search on the internet to find the right information.

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    Softshells are generally not easy to keep in captivity. They require flowing, extremely clean, shallow water with a sand bottom. Their soft shells are prone to cuts and scrapes which often result in infections. If I were you, I would return the turtle to the store, and complain that they sold you a very difficult turtle without explaining proper care.

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    Your turtle could be a soft shell turtle, when you buy a turtle at the mall you should ask what type of turtle it is before you buy it.

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    Are you sure it's a turtle?

    It could be a terrapin or a tortoise.

    Visit: to see information on your pet.

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    You should have done more research on the type of turtle you want then bye it! You shouldn't bye on an impulse!

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