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who gives amireca the right to intervien into other countrys' buisness?

why nobody can do anythin in this world without the U.S permission? doesn't it America that used the first and only two nuclear bombs in history against japan? isn't that a crime against humanity? isn't that a crime against the world? and now America is talkin about human rights????????????

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    Power corrupts, and we have become very powerful. And, as we are deeply into the business of making everything military, it has become very good for business to use our military. It is sort of a "wish fulfilliing prophecy."

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    Generally the U.S. was getting pushed around from the start by the British and then the Arab pirates (1807) in what is now Lybia. There also the Spanish in Florida which harbored terrorist (American Indians that would launch raids from Florida and then run across the boarder. General Andrew Jackson, without government approval, went in and took over Florida from Spain. The U.S. did try after the Civil War to become isolationists and then WWI and WWII came without U.S. help. Right after WWII, the Cold War started which involved the Soviet Union and China. Proxy wars were everywhere including the Chinese vs the Soviet Union. I think during the height of the cold war, there were something like 120 different proxy wars going on at once. I do think the U.S. was planing on going to be military isolationists again, with a 2/3 draw down in army troops since the 1980s.

    Japanese soldiers were not nice people. Just ask the Chinese, the Koreans, the Soviet Union, the people in the Philippines and the Indians. Also Japan had a chance to surrender after the first atomic attack, not to mention when the U.S. started to freely bomb Tokyo without Japan able to mount a defense against the U.S.

    Human rights are relative and based on cultural experience.

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    Many people in other countries are actually afraid of the U.S. And that is not something good. And these are peace-loving people, I'm talking about. The US' conquest of Iraq and the potential invasion of Iran and N.Korea leaves a question: Who's next on the list?

  • Might. just like a bully boy or a giant head boy. It has disadvantages and advantages as well. some people who have no experience in explosion of the nuclear weapon may want to try. so somebody who knows the danger must stop them (just like a mother stops a kid from touching fire). The disadvantage is that bullying is not nice.

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    To answer your question, it is G W Bush who gave the right for America to intervene in other countries.

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    its true the most human rights violations are being made in America, and also specially to women in America is not safe at all too

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    because all the others know we are the best and dont f___k! with the us we got more guns and more people that want to keep the us free and live good lives! thats why other countries the people come here for a better life! we can do and we will do !

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    STFU japan attacked pearl harbor no declaration of war those little nipper zipper heads got what they deserved

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    hey dum dum, if we hadnt involved our self in certain areas of the country, you would be probably worse off now than you are, look into your history books, around world war 1 and 2 and think of what could of happened if we werent involved.

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    yeah they are the new Nazi's, masters of double speak and propaganda, that's because after world war two all high ranking Nazi officers were flown to America where they took over their government.

    fascist hypocrites run the American government

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