How am i supposed to get my child to apply lotion on his dry skin, still need help?!?

How am i supposed to get my child to apply lotion on his dry skin, still need help?!?

MY 13 year old son has the dryest skin EVER, since winter his skin is just like sandpaper. His dry skin is everywhere on his body, and I got him Nivea body lotion for dry skin, and I said he MUST apply it on his body after his baths and showers.

I do his back because its hard for him to get the lotion on there, he does the rest. I Felt the bottle of lotion a couple days later and its still full besides when I do his back.

I do not even think he is using the lotion, I tried bribing him, did not work, and I applied lotion MYSELF on his body head to toe once to tell him a message that if he does not do it himself, I will.

I still do not know for sure for what I am supposed to do.

His skin is TOO ROUGH AND DRY to be ignored.

I tried everything now, I tried scaring him, everything.And I know the lotion is not irretating his skin, because his back is improving.



yes its not a skin diease, its just very dry skin, he has never used the lotion in a week now, I give him privacy, besides when I do his back but the lotion bottle is still full.

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    Take him to the doctor! He may be developing a very serious skin condition.

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    If it doesn't bother *him*, leave him alone. It's not an issue to him. In addition, it's probably healthier for his skin, because once you start applying lotion, it short cuts your bodies natural ability to moisturize.

    He'll do it if and when it bugs him. At this point you've made it a battle ground, and he will not do it as long as you're pestering him. He's a teen, and not far off from being an adult. Is this what you want to define your relationship with him? Save the battles for drugs and sex.

    My kids hate lotion, it feels slimy and cold. Fine, they'll get to a point where they do like it. In the mean time, point out that perhaps if he's drinking eight glasses of water a day, his skin wouldn't be so dry.

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    When my teen was about that age I also had the same problem.

    I tried to remeber how it was as a teen. Yes I could not be bothered too.

    Nowadays we have more options then years ago. You could start by buying a shower gel with added oils. You can also get him bathing oil. The skin is very soft after that. Nowadays they have especially for men beauty products. Take him along and let him make a choice. Maybe if he sees that men take care of themselves and that there are special products he might except it more. Let him smell the products maybe if he has a favorit smell he will use the products more. For more privacy get him one of those back creming things, where you put the lotion in and can reach your back.

    Dont force him, talk to him more about how the movie and music stars take care of themselvs. And ofcource the girls, dont forget to mention the girls, how you as a teenager always looked at the guys who took care of himself. When he starts to use the products tell him how nice he smells and how good he looks, might help.

    Good luck.

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    My son also has very dry skin in the winter - which is actually called eczema in his case. He is 7 years old now and I bought him the soap bar called Cetaphil. It is supposed to moisturize his skin while bathing. Afterwards, I tell my son to either put Aquaphor or Cetaphil lotion all over his body so that he doesn't get the ugly dry skin. He needs to do this immediately after his shower so that it will seal in the moisture. I told him, in order to have nice smooth skin, he will need to take care of his body by himself. If he doesn't, then his skin will start to itch and get worse! But since your son is 13 years old, maybe you can persuade him to try doing the above steps so that he will have nice smooth skin to impress the girls! Maybe that will work!

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    I have very dry skin in the winter as well. I mean dry. I can't stand the way lotion feels. Its like it does not absorb right or something. It makes me feel like I need another shower. Plus I can't stand the way a lot of them smell. Maybe he feels the same way. Adding the fact that a lot of lotions smell femine does not help.

    One thing that puts my skin in check is Cocoa Butter. It is cheap, smells good, does not make me feel like I need another shower, and absorbs better than lotion. If feel real good on iritated skin. The brand I like is Queen Helene.

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    Don't push him .

    Is it a health problem or does he just suffer with dry skin?

    If it is not bothering him try not to worry about it.

    He is at an age where his hormones are all over the place he is no longer a little boy and has not yet arrived at the man hood stage.

    Try not to embarres him.

    The best thing you can do is leave it be if it gets bad enough he will use the cream give him a little privacy .

    Take care!

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    I would have him use a good bath lotion that he has to use when he showers. They have a lot out now that are full of moisturizers and are mixed with soap. I would also check into the possibility of giving him vitamin e capsules. I would talk with your Dr. first though. They really work from the inside out.

    Good luck.......

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    have you ever tried a bodywash that has lotion in it? also maybe you should try a lotion that does not have a girly smell. palmers cocoa butter is great. maybe even bring him to the store to pick out. bet you 100% it's the smell that's holding him back.

  • it could be psorasis

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