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how do you know your in love? and is it possible in 6 weeks?

I was with my fathers son for 10 years and loved him, but eventually not in love with him so we broke up on top of other things. Ive now been seeing a guy for 6 weeks and we have both told each other that we love each other, but im not sure if im in love. Yesterday he text me a strange message about new year and said he had no money and that i should prob make other plans. I was upset with him so as the whole point was to just spend it together evan if its in his bedroom with a few cans. Anyway i text him that and i have not heard from him since it was at 4pm yesterday, and his phone was switched off all night too. I keep checking my phone constantly like a love sick teenager! im not sure if its love or insecurity? and also if he is trying to tell me he does not wont to be with me anymore? i dunno please help?



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    I too am in a similiar situation. I shared my life with my boyfriend for 8 years, we broke up and my new boyfriend of a month is wonderful. I am beginning to fall in love with him. Is it possible? Very. All you have to do is remember the difference between true love and infatuation.

    Love is unconditional, it's based on how you feel and what your looking for for the future. Infatuation is based on the financial and/ or physical. He's so cute or has a lot of money but does nothing for you emotionally or psycologically. if you can't be your true uncontained self around him and still have him love you then 9 out of 10 it ain't real. Sometimes the thought of being alone scares us as women so we grab the first bus in fear of missing the ride, but life is too short to be unhappy or be in unhealthy relationships plus you have a child to worry about and that he as a man will influence daily as the man in your life. If you end up alone use that time to better you, work out, shop, or start a new project. Because__

    P.S it sounds as if he may have another friendship going on in the background, so be careful and do what makes you feel good.

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    Can you go to his house? Ask him. Ask him why he doesn't want to be with you for New Years? He may think he doesn't deserve you and you deserve better, because he doesn't have any money. Let him know this doesn't bother you and you want to be with the one you love. Although you state you're not sure if you're in love. 6 weeks..yeah, I think you can be in love with someone after 6 weeks. If he doesn't want to be with you for New Years, ask him why. There's got to be a reason and he should tell you, even if it's that he has plans with the guys. You should know why. Wish you luck.

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    Being in love isn't determined by how long you have known him or how long you've been together. It is all determined by how strong your feelings are for him regardless of what he does.

    He probably wants to make it a memorable New Year for you so he is most probably disappointed at the fact that he doesn't have money. Go and talk to him and tell him how you feel, he will understand.

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    K first off you were with your brother, ew. And second girl if you have to ask if you are in love you aren't. It sounds like insecurity. Give him time to answer you. New Year's Eve isn't till Sunday so you got time, especially if its as informal as just hanging out together with sex at the end of it.

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    let me see now you where with your father son for 10 years,that keeping the gene pool very tight and you just meet this bloke and now he is giving you the cold shoulder,do you think he found out about dads son and you and was scared that he would end up on jerry springer

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    I think so too. he does not want to be with you anymore.

    and anyway, 6 weeks is a little too fast to actually fall in love with someone, don't you think so? I think you just had a crush on him or something. I guess you will get over it soon.

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    forget him before the emotion goes deeper... anyway, looks like he's no into u... don't u think it's not love but ur pride that's making you want him to give you back the attention?

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    yes its possible i fell in love with my bf by like the second week and we ment it.

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    maybe he has lost his love for you and do not know how to say it straight to you so he is making an alibi.

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    I don't think he wants to see you any more.

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