Why are there few graffitis and criminality in many rich asian countries counter to the other rich countries ?

Why are there few graffitis and criminality in many rich asian countries (like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong..) counter to the rich western countries ?

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    The Asian culture os far better in some regards as far as a 'community' goes.....

    In addition to that, the laws there are far stricter on what happens to you if you break those 'common laws'.

    Singapore can still 'cane you' for spraying graffitti on public places or personal property for instance.

    Sometimes it takes a harsh justice system to keep people in line.

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    Well because they get whipped or worse if they even try to do something like that. Plus you just named Communist countries so of course they have harsh punishments. But it's a good thing....maybe America's people would be better off if there was some more discipline.

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    I am an American living in Asia.

    The primary reason for the lack of crime / graffiti is the harsh punishment. You can be jailed, fined, and/or beaten!

    This serves as a big deterrent to J.D.s

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    I would suspect it is a cultural issue. Asians tend to have a deeper sense of communal need, over personal need. More basic drive to help the whole, instead of looking out for number 1.

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    because Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan have already got natives. The Cantonese, eastern and chinese language/Taiwanese human beings already inhabit those international places. Europe might want to impose demanding immigration guidelines, yet because they'd colonized merely about the full global, they're compelled to open their borders to those who immigrate from their former colonies to Europe. So international places like the united kingdom and France who had colonies in u.s., Africa and Asia have an ethical legal responsibility to allow human beings from those international places to live contained in the united kingdom and France. this is their fault for colonizing the full global, now this is their duty to cater for foreigners who used to stay of their colonies. the really actual natives of the U. S. are American Indians. all and multiple else is a foreigner. the U. S. for this reason has a duty to allow immigrants, because till you're an American Indian, you're technically a foreigner. the U. S. does not belong to white human beings. they could't merely close off the continent from human beings of different races. a similar applies to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. ------------------------------ sure, Japan and China were colonists yet did they colonize Africa? South u.s.? Europe? even as Japan occupied the Philippines in WWII, thousands of thousands of Filipinos flocked to Japan and there is a serious inhabitants of Filipinos in Japan to on the present time The Muslim state of Xinjiang and the Buddhist state of Tibet belong to China, to that end, the chinese language actually have thousands and thousands of Muslims and Tibetans of their usa. Japan and China are literally not as homogenous as you imagine they're. to boot to, Europe colonized North u.s., South u.s., Africa, the middle East and Asia. for this reason you may want to assume a lot a lot extra multiculturalism in Europe compared to Japan or China right here's a ideal celebration for you techniques many African international places communicate chinese language or eastern? None. what number African international places communicate French, English, Portuguese, Spanish? plenty. the position will a lot of those Africans for this reason immigrate to in the journey that they needed to go away Africa? France, uk, Portugal, Spain etc etc it truly is the fee Europe paid for colonizing

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    the rich send the poor to jail

  • 1 decade ago

    not that many black people in rich asian countries and they really punish you if you do something stupid like that

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