Was Al Sharpton's speech at James Brown last Appearance one of the best ever?

Listen to the speech first please and then tell me. It was one of the best ever in my opinion. Another question is James Brown equal in history compared to Martin Luther King Jr.? James Brown made it acceptable to be black in this country. In fact he was the only entertainer in his time that white people knew. He was more famous than Martin Luther King Jr. in late 50's to early 60's. He made it possible for white people to hear blacks. He was the person who said, "I'm black and I'm proud." Is he deserving to be in the history books before Martin Luther King? I think he has earned the right.


Don't tell me about his wrongs in life should exclude him from history, because early presidents in time were racist and had slaves, but never say it in history books.

Update 2:

Speech is at mtv.com on the overdrive section. NO DIRECT LINKS!!!

Update 3:

On www.mtv.com overdrive news section James Brown's Final Apollo Appearance.

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    You are a dumbass two who answer above me; he is asking whether you thought Al Sharpton speech was one of the best not about Al Sharpton and it was a great speech maybe one of the greatest. The one dumbass above me said, "ralph bunch booker t washington are more influnetial than James Brown." Spell Ralph Bunche right it is with another e. Ralph Bunche didn't even fight mostly for African American civil rights in America at the time according to wikipedia dumbass and fought for Jews and Arabs rights. They both had minor rolls in society than James Brown. The writer is right James Brown made it right for blacks to be famous. Painted the way for music. Made blacks feel more accepted and made black pride through music. Made blacks think that anybody can do if he can. Made them stand up with Martin Luther King Jr. and march that road. While jiving to the music. Martin Luther King Jr. didn't free black people; black people freed Martin Luther King Jr.

    Source(s): I'm black and I'm proud. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_Bunche
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    No, Al Sharpton is close pals and has been their for James Brown by all of his stable situations and undesirable situations type of a terrific pal,they the two fought the conflict for the Civil Rights together and replaced into in basic terms their whilst James Brown necessary somebody to talk and that they've been understanding one yet another see you later that he calls him his son, James Brown has seven babies residing the single named Teddy Brown died in a automobile crash, Terry Brown,Larry Brown,Daryl Brown, James Joseph Brown II, Dr. Yamma Noyola Brown Lumar, Deanna Brown Thomas and Venisha Brown

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    couldnt disagree with you more. all this was was more liberal pap. he grabbed, shamelessly, his fifteen minutes of fame from the godfather when he had little to nothing to do with the fame and success. many people long before james made it positive to be black in this country...ralph bunch...booker t washington,, etc. i didnt and dont need a black person to >>>make>>> me hear african american individuals...i hear them just fine. I work with them and manage an inner city business and am well respected by both the black and white people i work with.

    black power is fine but it must be tempered with a modicom of common sense which mr sharpton sorely lacks. he fails to see militantism is no longer as neccessary as common sense and diplomacy to gain the same result. no man is an island and the problem is other races are tired of paying the slavery and disadvantged debt to the nth degree. at some time you must move on and deal with the rest of the people at the table from a cooperative and helpful point of view.

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    First of all it would be nice to post a link to the speech. Secondly...... ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND!!! How dare you compare James Brown to the great Dr King!

    Granted James Brown contributed to American Music a great deal, and made it alright to be black and proud in this country.

    But his achievements pale in comparison to that of King, a pioneer, a revolutionary one of the greatest AMERICANS! White or Black that ever lived!

    I'm so incense by your comment that I can hardly compose myself..............

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    wow I am not going to touch this one. people have the right to think whatever they like.

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