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How can i get a six pack (cubes/Abs) within a month?

what modes of working out should i use?

I dont want to be all muscular...just sexy and well toned up!

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    everyone has a six-pack, its true! its more a matter of uncovering it than its a matter of building it. youve GOT TO remove the layer of fat that covers it before you even need to worry about toning or sculpting it. forget the sit-ups or crunches--theyre NOT effective cardio fat-burning exercises. a month isnt really long enough for this to realistically happen (especially if youve got a hefty layer of fat there. are you already slim? or are you heavy? best advice for you is to ELIMINATE sugar in all its forms (cake,cookies, pastries,donuts,candy,soda pop,ice-cream etc.) and also high starch carbs, especially the refined ones (potatos, corn, white bread, white pasta, white rice) eat healthy, unrefined, whole grain carbs instead ( wholegrain bread,wholegrain pasta, brown and wild rice, beans) but eat even these in moderation. make fish, nuts and seeds, fruit, vegetables, skinless poultry, and yoghurt the main part of your diet.

    combine this kind of diet with a cardio program of fast walking, tennis, raquetball, crosscountry skiing, cycling, rowing, dancing, rollerblading, swimming, etc.

    do crunches, situps, legraises, only every other day. and dont rely on them to replace the cardio activities.

    in one month you should notice quite a difference, but you really need at least 12 weeks to reach a goal like this--and double that if your badly out of shape right now.

    good luck to you

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  • Just work out and do sit-ups everyday in the morning, be disciplened thats all you need to do, and also eat healthy, i got my two pack in 3 weeks now i have a six pack after 9 weeks of work, but i delayed a few days, if you are disciplened go for it! Drink helps big time!

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    abs take 2 components...

    1... no fat in front of the muscles (must do cardio / running , etc...)

    2... strong ab muscles (do crunchies... 1000s of them... in every way - on a excercise ball, on your side, from side to side, up and hold...pump your arms while up... etc...)

    by the way - a month is a VERY short time to set for this goal... think 6 mos... honestly. if you set a goal that is too short you'll just be mad if you fail and then will stop trying. i told myself id have a sick pack in 1996...

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    Good luck to you , I had to drink a lot of beer to get my 12 pack abs !

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