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After all you read or hear would you have a PIT BULL or ROTTWEILER as a pet?

People that own these type dogs, you think they are different from other dog owners

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    Pit bull !!!

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    Pit bulls and rottweilers are no more likely to attack than any other dog. The get a lot of bad attention because of a couple reasons. The fist being poor training. Don't get me wrong. A lot of times it's not even the owners fault. Some people just don't know how to handle and control a powerful dog. If you can't do that than your dog is going to have problems. Another reason they get a bad rep is because they are so powerful. Small dogs bite just as often as pits and rotties. But you don't hear about that because a small dog can't do as much damage as a large dog. When a pitbull bites a person or animal they have the potential to do serious damage or even kill. The little poodle that bit the neighbors ankle isn't going to get on the news. But the pit bull that bit the guy one street over and sent him to the hospital is going to get a lot of attention. I would own either dog without question. There is nothing wrong with them. If you know what you're doing.

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    I would definitely own one. Unfortunately the media has blown everything out of proportion, and distorted the facts. They would have you believe that they are "bad breeds" of dogs. If you research the cases you will find that it isn't the breeding that's the issue. It's the owners. In many cases the animals you hear about in the news are owned by drug dealers and other people that have only one goal in mind, making an attack dog.

    In the 80's the "bad breed" was the doberman. Now it's the Pit Bull and the Rottweiler. At one time the the Dachshund, or Wiener dog was a top killer. I know this sounds crazy, but they are a really possessive animal. Often the will kill babies and small children out of jealousy of the owners attention. This fact was listed in one of my EMT books.

    Below is the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly report related to death caused by dogs each year, by breed.

    It isn't the breed that causes the fatalities, it's the owners not being responsible.

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    First of all, with all the publicity, I would never own one. I think the purpose of choosing a dog is more important than whether these owners are different or not. Having a pet for protection is a good reason, but I don't think having it be so aggressive is a good thing. If a dog can bark and keep people away, that should be good enough. Besides, you can have the best guard dog, and there are plenty of ways people could get rid of them as a threat. guns, poison, etc. Why not just have a pet for a companion. They just love their owners.

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    Every dog breed is different, that is why there are aggressive and poorly handled examples of every breed, from tiny Chihuahuas, Pugs and Shi Tzus, to typical family breeds like Goldens, Labs and Spaniels, to the "problem breeds" you have mentioned. Since every dog breed is different it obviously must be owned by people with very different personalities. I personally don't like the personality of Rotts in general and would rather own a bully breed than anything else. I however have the personality to discipline and "control" a bully breed without being abusive or causing aggression in them. Some people don't have that same ability and have the ability to handle herding breeds, or companion breeds, or hounds. While admittedly the two breeds you have mentioned do have more management type issues, as well as can cause more damage if improperly handled, they are also capable of being wonderful companions in the right situation. I'm not sure what you are trying to imply with your question, however you implication of differences in dog owners is exactly the truth, and needs to be remembered when people are picking dogs. You need to find a breed that fits your personality and ability to maintain and control a dog.

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    I would get a pit bull, but not a Rot. I have known too many naturally agressive Rots. I know that it all depends on the way they are cared for from the day they are born, and the person who gets them at 8 weeks old. if you were beaten every day, and taught to be agressive and fight other dogs, then you would turn out like the ones on the news too... but a proper owner, one who will take the time to train the dog properly, and care for it like it should be, with compassion, then you will have a well mannered and well behaved dog. I know this for a fact, because I own a Chihuahua. these dogs are also known for being yipiee and have been known to bite. I did my research, bought from a well known, well mannered breeder, and raised and trained her correctly. She hardly ever barks, so you know there is a good reason when she does, and she is the most well mannered dog you will ever meet. thus proving that if a dog is raised right anything is possiable. :)

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    I don't think they differ from any other dog. I believe that it really depends an how they are raised. If you raise them to be nasty and mean the they are going to be that way. But they can be raised to be great family dogs too. I owned to while my kids were very little and

    nothing bad ever happened.

    So to answer you Q----No they are not any worse, better, or different then any other dog a person can own. Just raise them right and they will be the best pet in the world.

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    i used to be one of those people who believed all the hype about these types of dogs ,until i was basicly forced into taking a huge female Rotweller,she had no where to go and i was the only person available to take her in,it was the best thing i have ever done,she showed me that these dogs are wonderful,loyal and gentle,a few years later a friend of mine needed a place to stay she had a male and female pitbull i took her and the dogs in, i was terrified of them because of all the hype about them being unpredictable and baby killers but they eventually won me over,they were well behaved,incredibly smart and so gentle with my children,i now am a huge advocate on pitbulls and rottweillers i raise them myself,i try to help people see that it is the owner's responsibility to teach a pet good manners,they are just dogs like any other breed,a chihuahua will be vicious toward people and other animals if not trained properly as well,it's the deed not the breed people need to realize this and quit condeming the breed over a few stupid people who teach these wonderful dogs to do bad things,a smart dog will do anything it's owner asks of it with no question,Bullys and Rotts have a lot of drive and energy and dumb people take advantage of this fact and turn them into monsters,maybe we should start to ban certain people not breeds of dogs

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    Only the ones that buy them as a status symbol - the thug type. I have owned several Rotties, first one in the mid-eighties when most of the general public had never seen one before. The vast majority of these breeds are properly raised & live out their peaceful lives with their loving owners.

    Don't buy into the media hype, which only focuses on the bad owner's dogs.

    Source(s): I worked for vets.
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    I wouldn't own either of them. I know people are going to say "It's the owners, not the poor dogs"...blah, blah, blah. Let's think of the physics for a moment. Yes, more golden retrievers bite, because there are so many more of them. However, when a pit bull or rottweiler bite, there is going to be WAY more damage. I would take the risk of getting bitten by a Yorkie, then getting bitten by a pit bull or a rottie.

    Dog bites from larger breeds are more severe than bites from smaller dogs because of the size of the injuries and the dog's ability to knock a person down during an attack. However, large dogs DO NOT ATTACK MORE OFTEN THAN SMALL DOGS. A large dog attack is just more injurious.

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    For all you people who believe that these dogs are horrible, have one. Care for it.Be responsible and it's your best friend. I have owned Rottweilers for the past 7 years of my life and I will always have one. Right now I have 2 Rottweilers. One is 5 years and one is 9 months. My in laws all own them, and let me re-phrase "Rottweilers"-just because it has Rottweiler in the "mix" makes it no "Rottweiler"!!!! I have 2 PURE BRED ROTTWEILERS. They are the best dogs ever. I have a 3 year old daughter, she has been around my 5 year old Rottie, ever since she was born. It depends on how you raise them, and how you nurture them. If you treat them like crap, they'll treat you like crap. If you love them, they will love and respect you! My 2 Rottweilers sleep at my feet at night, and I feel protected and safe with them. They are wonderful dogs if you are a responsible owner.

    Source(s): Myself-I own 2 wonderful Rottweilers!!!
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