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How do you know if he wants to be more than just friends?

This guy and I are real friends and at the start I got confused and gave him alot of drama but he always forgave me and told me he could never get angry at me. Now I left my BF and told him that I like him XBF pushed me down the stairs so I hurt my leg so I can't walk well now but it will take about a month so told my friend this that I couldn't talk to him for awhile. But I stil text him like a friend and tell him I miss him...he and I are in Asia and her is doing his military service. He doesn't know I left my BF because I don't want to tell him too much now but I told him I really do like him He might think my BF is angry at me because of him but I don't know.. I told him after I get better I hope I can see him but I don't know now if he only wants to be friends or is afraid of my XBF..not sure everytrhing. Before he waited for me online for 1 hour.


He also asked my friend why did my XBF hit me

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    if you feel something between your legs it usually means the friendship is over and its time to bark like rover.

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    Hi !!!

    He definitely likes you, much more than a Friend. I know something like that happened to me too.

    But take your time, don't be to quick on letting him know your true fillings. Unless you are absolutely sure, he has deeper feelings for you.

    I know you would like to let him know but trust me, DIN"T DO IT , until you are sure. This could back fire on you, it did to me and it was a total blast of my self esteem!!!

    Also you are apart one from the other, which is another big issue in a relationship. Just take your time to sort things out. After a break up is always wise to take some time to your self, rather than throwing your not so sure self into another relationship.

    Ask yourself some questions,(you know which ones) to keep you from taking wrong decisions.



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    Well, your question is "how do you know if he wants to be more then just friends?"

    I'd suggest, just ask him. Ask him if he wants to see you when he comes home. Then you'll know. If he states you already have a boyfriend...then tell him why you and this guy broke up. See what he says then...

    Wish you both the best.

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    your xbf is a real piece of work ,let your new fried beat the sht out of him and do your self a favour piss him right offalltogether

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    i think he wants to be your nxt BF. Or it sounds like it, from your description. Appearance isn't everything btw... You said he always forgave you and told you he could never get angry at you... that is probably b'cause he likes you... well good luck anyway XD

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    I don't really now but I think if he looks you with some special eye-contact then he wants you kiss

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    Are you attractive? Yes? Then he wants to be more than friends.

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