I am 27. I haven't been taking very good care of my skin. What is the best product for tightening pores?

I have very oily skin. There are so many products on the market, it is quite confusing. I have been using very basic skin care for the last few years. I also have a stressful lifestyle that leaves me looking really drained and my skin dull from stress and poor sleep. Generally I am healthy though. I would now just like to change to more advanced products that might be able to spare me aging too fast. Can anyone advise please?

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    The best skin care products ever are DERMALOGICA. Now for tightening pores, Clinique do a Pore Minimizer which is very good. but the fact you have open pores suggests your skin could need other treatments, have a look at the Dermalogica website. http://www.dermalogica.com/ Drink plenty of water, this will help with hydration, and stop hydration lines and premature ageing. DERMALOGICA has a special range for people with acne. The good thing is, if your skin is oily you will age less.

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    Source(s): Natural Acne Cure System - http://acneaway.raiwi.com/?caGI
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    I hear you on that one! Just turned 28 and just started using Arbonne about 5 months ago and it has made a DRAMATIC change in my skin. I have tried about everything and swear by this.

    I use the Intelligence Line. There is also an Anti-Aging Line that I recommend for someone over 35. I can send you some before and afters. It is a reasonable price also.

    feel free to email me with any questions


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    Your dermis has a non-quit renewal cycle of four weeks so be sure you're sticking with a product long sufficient for it to artwork. became your face two times every day and while you're that oily you need to use some kind of blotter to take in oil for the time of the day. Oil clogs your pores finally reason pimples. replace your pillow case generally some hair products reason pimples as nicely as touching your face.

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    Start with a good professional facial. Then ask the facialist to suggest other products. Professional facials are great for perking up dull skin! You can get one on a budget from a local beauty school or find a great spa and splurge.

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    First of all u need a deep cleansing facial on ur face for a better adsorption when u apply anything on ur face. Pores in our face does not hav muscle so tat its wont tighten once enlarge. Get a sunblock to prevent ageing problem n keep ur skin hydrate. Wish u luck ^_^

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    I would love to help. I would like to send you some samples of products that will help with the oil control and anti-aging. Please visit www.marykay.com/kaylexasmom and check out the various products that we offer. If you would like to call me to discuss some options you can email me at kaylexasmom@marykay.com and i can give you my # or just email me which products you would like to sample along with your address.

    Good luck and happy new year!

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