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The best way to deal with temptations, any magic words?

I LOVE food ,I am not fat , but to increase the quality of life a little bit I am gonna do diet,

Are there any magic words , when devil says its ok this time you may eat cookies?

PLEASE tell me

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    Discipline...........before you put that cake in your stomach ask your self how is your body going to benefit from this? I eating out of need, want or desire? People eat for the pleasure of the palate rather for it's benefits, hence obesity is running wild.......look around that the way you want to look? Is that the way you want to be? All sluggish and round and entertaining for other to watch? DISCIPLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Key word........learn it, live it, love it!

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    i went travelling in strange, distant lands, for a cure to temptation. while travelling through Tibet, i found an old sage, sitting under a tree. i asked him:

    o wise one (or one who just likes to sit under tree)

    will thou help me?

    he said:

    yeah sure dude

    today i'm in an answering mood

    i asked:

    o sage, the answer to all my queries

    i need magic, (the stuff of fairies)

    help me to resist temptation

    chocolate just causes such a sensation

    pizza is such a fascanation

    and then i suffer from constipation

    i need a solution

    help me o help me dear sage

    i'm trapped in Temptation's Cage

    and then he closed his eyes and whispered in my ear

    magic words i have not tried for fear

    oonga poonga lunga zim,

    tringle pringle chocolate whim

    if i eat u, i gain weight

    so disappear now, before its too late

    zikle pickle chumpa chips

    saliva trickling down my lips

    i will resist, i will fight

    fat is wrong, thin is right!

    tell me how it goes!

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    I can resist anything except temptation. Mr Wilde - the master.

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