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I like high quality porn. I never know what I'm getting. how to tell?

It seems that some porn producers spend $80 making a movie and $5000 in cover design. "movies" that have nothing to do with the cover. Is there a director or producer that makes good, quality porn that isn't just a bunch of crack hos catching loads on their bored faces?

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    grow up young man, go meet a nice lady, or if your gay meet one of them.

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  • gerda
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    women folk please do no longer answer for adult men who look at porn. you have not got any thought what you're speaking approximately. the genuine reason a guy in a dating is finding at porn is with the help of the fact ninety 5% of girls ARE boring AT intercourse. We basically cant assist you to recognize that on account which you cant manage that fact. The irony is that ninety 5% of girls think of they're the bomb at intercourse. The orgasm from porn/masturbation is WAYYYYYY extra beneficial than what you get from the ninety 5% of boring intercourse women folk. the ladies folk who truly are good at intercourse can tournament what porn can do. the different reason is trouble-free to boot - in case you do no longer meet his needs he will discover it some other way and in todays time that's definately porn. Its no ask your self numerous adult men want porn over there spouses now b/c the full time they have been questioning "Im the fuking bomb at intercourse." maximum women folk truly get exhilaration from the intercourse denial game (denying intercourse as a capability holiday). you may save the sport, we are going to save the porn. Hell if something you women folk ought to take notes from porn. unfavorable women folk suck at intercourse and existence. don't be mad or bowled over that adult men are doing this now. in case you have been of their footwear you may too.

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    If you're looking for porn without Hos in it, you have a long search on your hands. If someone ejaculated on your face would you look thrilled? Of course they look bored. They are bored. Those women are probably making up their grocery lists while you guys think they're world is being rocked because you have penises.

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    High quality porn? Is there such a thing? Are you appreciate the high quality while you sit there jerking off?

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    I would get my stuff from the net. That way you can preview the movies before you buy them.

  • Anonymous
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    No! there is no such director.

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    it seems that way fir it is called marketing. you'll know.

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