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how can i tell him i like him?

i really like this guy but he is 12 years older than me how can i tell him i want to be more than good friends with him.

he knows i have a bf (we not going too good) but i want to know if me and him have a chance before i dump my bf so how can i ask him out

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    say this exactly "I like you more then just friends"

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    You had loved him really.

    You had loved him a bf.

    You are preapared to replace him like a bf.from a library!

    Older and experienced guy can do same with you too!

    What is happened wrong with the old bf, I am not able to understand.

    If just for the sake of change you are doing so, keep on changing but don't take things seariously and even there is need to think on it! No difference bus len den must be on!

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    the best thing 4 you to do is tell him exactly how you feel i am gotng through that at the moment but this guy likes me and has 4 a long time and only just told me it might take a bit for him to respond because he might be in shock but if you like some one give it a sahot why not good luck

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    u must always hinting him something to show that u care n love him.u present him a bunch of red flowers with a new year card written "i love u" 4 this coming new year.then u can invite him alone to visit u n ur family in order to get closer n more understanding of him.if he accepts this then there's chance 4 u to tackle him but take times,okay?

    best wishes n happy new year.

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    12 years is quite a difference in careful.

    I'd suggest finding another boyfriend your own age. Forget about this older guy. He might be trying to get in to your pants with trying to be friends first, but that's all he'll ever want.

  • Rocky
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    If he's that much older than you I hope you're over 18. Just ask him out what can it hurt?

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    Just do... we are in 2006 (almost 2007). Be assertive and tell him what's on your mind... He'll like it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tell him how you feel or try to seduce him

  • ?
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    just ask him out to dinner and a movie

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    sreigth forward

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    I keep telling you girls this. One word. Handjob.

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