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My fingernails Keep peeling ?

I can grow my finger nails out and they will peel like a clear layer of my nail will peel off them. I am using Sally Hansen clear coat Hard as nails and I use the Nail polish Extreme wear also by Sally hansen but if I dont paint my nails everyday they chip and then when the nail is exposed it starts peeling whats up with this someone help I really want to keep my long nails and not get mad and cut them off.

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    It sounds like something may be missing in your diet. A combination of protein, calcium, and iron will help your nails to get & stay strong. If you arent already doing it, try a multivitamin with iron every day. One product my Mom found and passed to me is ELUHAIR. I think the company who makes it is DOLISOS America. It really helps nails to grow longer and stronger, tho its general use is for hair. Since both hair and nails are keratin it works on both. My Mom is 66, is taking cancer treatments and her hair was falling out-she used this product and now her hair is thicker and healthier than my own :-) .Also, eating Lean meats & fish help add protein, which is a good idea as some vitamins are scarce with it. Next, be sure to thoroughly dry your hands after being in water, especially if it is dishwashing water, since that contains harsh chemicals that further dry out your nails and dry nails are more likely to split and peel too. Putting on a good moisturizing hand & nail cream should help as well. By good I dont mean it has to be expensive, just read the label to see what its made of. While I prefer natural ingredients over processed chemicals, you may not. One of the best products I found for my personal use is the natural ingredient Arnica, it does a great job keeping hands and nails moist, is inexpensive and smells good too. Lastly, if you live in a non-temperate climate, be sure to wear gloves when you go out into the weather, that will help keep hands from getting windburn and the nails from further drying out. etc Taking a physical every year might also help, since it can determine if there is an underlying health issue causing the problem, such as kidney problems or anemia etc. Hope that helps.

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    I'd get a good moisturiser...Think; if there's no moisture to hold the cells together, that'll be why your nails are peeling.

    Avoid painting your nails every day, nail varnish/polish isn't too good for them.

    If all else fails, see a manicurist. :]

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