Does everybody think one day Linux will take over Microsoft working system entirely?

Except that Linux is free, is there another reason that some people would prefer Linux to Microsoft, especially the vista version.

I am using windows xp right now...and I am wondering which one is better

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    1 decade ago
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    Both will co-exist peacefully

    do you want to know why?

    If UNIX people were a little more user friendly, then there would have been no need to create windows.

    If Windows were a little less commercial , then there would have been no need to create Linux

    So, it is a balance, you are walking on a rope, if you tilt left , then you have to bend to right to keep the balance.

    Basically it is a power play. The people in the Unix Era wanted to distinguish themselves above the ordinary masses by asserting their Geek Quotient by means of memorizing all the Unix commands. And the ordinary people had no hope. Remember? Windows came as a hope for the OS of the ordinary masses.

    If somebody is to be blamed, I would prefer to put the blame on the Geeks of the Unix world, rather than on Microsoft.

    Microsoft at least gives you a software for a cost, but what does the geeks do ? they pamper their little egos with every request of help from you that arises from the request of help from the user? So microsoft seeks money and the Geeks seek fulfillment of the ego. What do you prefer ?

    You should get rid of them both

    -You should reign microsoft not to exploit you by means on your gullibility when you get stuck using their software

    (you would not like to spend your lifetime's earnings in order to be able to use a computer , or would you?)

    - you should not pamper the Geeks ego by giving them undue heroism.

    (You do not need a Hero in order for you to be able to use a computer, or do you?)

    -keep you eyes open and clear, look for the people who are making software not for personal gains. (Yes it is possible somehow, miraculously, use those software that your heart says Yes To, even if it is microsoft, nothing wrong with it)

    I think ultimately the User awareness is going to bring the best of the men in any industry.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Linux lets you use your computer freely, as you wish.

    Microsoft, especially with Vista, is restricting your rights on your computer, making you more under control of MS and corporations.

    I think the reality is that a new paradigm of computing will come into play instead and make Microsoft desktop operating systems obsolete, but that will take quite a while. With virtualization and web applications, the desktop OS becomes less important.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Linux aren't earning any money, except from the donations they receive. From my personal experience, Linux actually run programs faster than Microsoft. However, it won't take over Microsoft. Microsoft is the most expensive company in the world with the greatest revenue, so how can you compare Linux with Microsoft?

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  • 1 decade ago

    linux is a very secure platform.. there has been a lot of effort put by many universities and corporation for linux to reach its state.. just like nature selects the best and the rest will extinct, the user community has selected the best and most secure features into linux..

    in terms of flexibility for you to try different things, linux is much better.. because of constant contribution by the Open Source community

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  • 1 decade ago

    sure linux will take over windows

    cause windows itself a virus....

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