Bending time space.?

if bending time and space is ever mastered what purpose is there to living at all?

if you could go anywhere in the universe at anytime in the future or past what point is there to exsitance at all?

kindda like having a DVD player with only 1 movie that keeps playing over and over.

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    Bendng spacetime would allow us to conquer time, but we would still be stuck with ourselves. My favourite children's book about this was "A Wrinkle in Time":

    And I've been obsessed with the idea ever since. There are lots of physicists working on this idea. One of the most interesting is the Many World interpretation by Hugh Everett at Oxford. In his theory, all possibilities exist at all times. We are just unaware of this. It gives us mastery over time and space, and in the process it gives us ultimate freedom. It would be the opposite of a point where there was no point to existence at all. It would make life richer, more varied, and completely free. And it would come when we realise that this is the most coherent way to see reality.

    For more, see:

    Love this stuff!!!

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    1 decade ago

    The purpose to living is simply living, experience or waste it, each being has their own choice in that regard.

    Now the idea of bending time and or space is not a scientific idea, it is simply science fiction. As the human mind currently stands it does not appear possible that we could make use of such a phenomenon, but it is fun to imagine the "what if" possiblities of such a thing.

    Though as much as I have read on the subject that Einstein's Theory of Relativity is our best chance of acheiving Time travel -- and in achieving time travel we would also acheive bending of space in order to travel in time.

    This is a huge subject area that would take years to completely study and research and who knows, if you keep at it, you may be the one to find the answer!

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    1 decade ago

    Greetings. To answer your question and not to pick at your interpretation of space-time manipulation I would say it could be a very dangerous thing. The dangers of paradox's are frequent and the risk very high unless you consider the 'parallel universe' theory. In this case should we consider that we are the only version of ourselves in all universes? This would be impossible as life affects character and character affects action. The reactions to the initial action could alter each universe dramatically (the butterfly or domino effect). So if you consider that there is a different version of you for each universe, who are 'you' when you jump to a parallel? Also do you have affect there?

    Apologies for the amount of questions in my 'answer'. To answer what was probably a simple wondering I would say... It could be interesting.


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    No, it would be much more fun than that.

    Ever heard of parallel universes? It is a set of all probable events that could have occured.

    So just think, I could go back in time, get admission to Medical instead of Engineering, and then a whole new life will open for me. Or I can go back and actually propose the girl that I always wished and depending upon how she reacts, my life will be changed.

    isn't is fantastic?

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    1 decade ago

    i saw a very convincing documentry Einstein said it was impossible but people who where around his time belive u can go back in time not like 100 years mabye like 10mins-1hour because they think that time goes in a loop so if u could some how like interfier with it and break a hole it might work. they think there are little particals that are like 10billionth of a millimetere we would never be able to see it and these thinks are like they think underneath the serfice of the universe like that black stuff u see.And to get back to my earlier point u would have to like break air(i belive that would be possible but u would have to have like extreme negative and postive energy(it happened in a epsode in Futumama but in real life u need domething much mroe powerful then a microwave and something.

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    Your question doesn't make any sense... bending time and space, and how do you equate that with 1 movie. More like infinite movies, infinite adventures.... What purpose to living???? It would be the most exciting time ever to be alive...........

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    I think you've misunderstood the theory of 'bending' space and time.

  • Jack S
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    1 decade ago

    The point would be the same as it is now, to experience life.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it would only seem that way if events in time were linear and unalterably dependant. if, on the other hand events were episodic in time and not interdependent, imagine what fun we could have creating our own histories.

  • Ever heard of a tesseract, google it! :)

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