What is Ghoost and Boost?

I have heared about a large size file that is stored in pc and we can use it later when our computer fail sometime . This file restore all the software and opreating system as it....what is this file how can I create this file and how to use...And from where on net I can read about this

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    Boost can refer to:

    Look up boost in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

    Science and mathematics

    * Boost (automotive engineering), positive manifold pressure in cars.

    * Lorentz boost, a type of Lorentz transformation (these are terms from the theory of special relativity)

    [edit] Computer science and engineering

    * Boost C++ Libraries, a set of free peer-reviewed portable C++ libraries

    * Boosting, a technique used in machine learning algorithms

    * Boost converter, a type of power supply

    Food and drink

    * Boost (chocolate), a chocolate bar produced by Cadbury

    * Boost (drink) An Energy Drink from the UK

    * Boost (retail outlet), a fresh juice outlet in Australia


    * Boost Mobile, a division of Nextel Communications and Telecom New Zealand

    * Boost (band), a French Heavy metal music group

    * To boost, a slang term meaning to steal

    * To boost, to strengthen, elevate, or promote something; see booster

    * To boost a car, a slang term meaning to jump start a vehicle

    * The boost phase of the flight of a ballistic missile is the first phase, in which it is lifted and accelerated by a rocket; see also ICBM

    * Boost it, a slang term which means, quickly go somewhere

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  • 1 decade ago

    OK.! That's it! I was looking for 20 precious minutes and nothing! I don't know what is that GHOOST! When I typed Yahoo search it leads me to some Arabic...Japanese web sites..

    I really wanted to help you...sorry.

    God Bless you in New Year 2007!

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