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Who are more vilent: Phila. EAGLES or Oakland Raiders Fans?

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    definetly eagles and i am one of them you mess with my eagles and i will kill you

    remember the snowball incident yha i ahve also done some pretty crazy stuuf for dem

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    Dont mistake Violence for Passion.

    The Eagles fans I believe are more passionate.

    Passion grows with missery. The Raiders have won a Superbowl and I think the passion dies off a little.

    As far as the snowball Santa thing-Get over it!!!

    That happened over 40 years ago.

    There is a small group of Fans that are Idiots and will start fights with not only opposing fans but each other.

    Source(s): Die Hard Eagles Fan Since Birth!
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    Raiders, I think. Eagles fans are nastier-tempered, but Raiders fans get rowdier. Plus tickets at the Coliseum are the most expensive in the league, so the fans are more pissed off to begin with.

    Plus the Raiders fans have spiked armor, thats gotta cause some damage :)

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    Eagles fans threw snowballs at Santa Claus during a playoff one year. They have to be pretty low to go after Santa!!!!! ROFL

    And no, it was the 80's and NOT 40 years ago.

    Been to the Vet and Link and SEEN people with Dallas or Giants jerseys get JUMPED by drunken idiots in the parking lot. Wear an opposing jersey and don't just expect to get heckled, but God forbid, if you actually CHEER for the opposing team, you get beer thrown at you by cowards 'fans' in the rows behind you. (never from the front mind you!)

    Been in Philly all my life and sorry my man, but passion is NOT drunken gang mentality!

    Source(s): personal experience
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    More fans have been beaten or stabbed at Raider games. Philly Fan is more prone to be verbally abusive.

  • 4 years ago

    somewhat lots each NFL fan that isn't a Raiders fan is a Raider Hater. they are traditionally a grimy group and finished of themselves. they are honestly the worst group interior the NFL acceptable now.

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    eagles fans. we threw snowballs at santa,pelted dallas with snow ball,threw fireworks at new england in the super bowl.i dont thinik the raiders fans have done that

    Source(s): im an eagles fan
  • Adam
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    I think its gotta be the Eagles fans, they threw snowballs at santa clause

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    I don't think 'violent' is the right word; avid, loud, outlandish, boisterous or even crazy. And I think the Raiders win on all counts.

  • Raiders fans.

    Iggles fans are p_ussies. Each and every one of them



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