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this 4 the person who aked if cliff cries if glass is crushed by pebbles its an answer not a question ok guyz?

well if u meant it in a poetic way i can say tht if glass is cruched by pebbles cliff does cry coz he knows he is capable of crushing the glass more but he cant coz he is stuck to where is he n can never more unless nature permits so parts of him broken as small stones r pebbles r doing tht rather than him another point of view is tht cliff n cry tht pebbles have tht freedom to move n break glass n have fun if kicked by human animals r smome light very small ones blown by air n he cannot budge coz he is king of buried into the ground part of it he regrets it maybe n he wants part of freedom which pebbles n small stones experience by being small n not big like him n stuck up to one place all tht time.

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    I still think he cries when the glass get crushed by pebbles.

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